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WordPress History

WordPress Foundation: Initial Release 2003

Operating System: Unix-like, Windows

Type: Blog Content, Content management Systems

Website: wordpress.org

Key Developers: Matt Mullenweg….Matt Little

The precursor to WordPress was b2 cafelog , more commonly known as b2 or cafelog as of May 2003 it was estimated that over 2000 blogs had installed and were using it as it was written as a PHP for use with MySQL by Michael Valdright, who is now a contributing developer of WordPress. On June 2019 WordPress is used by 60.8% of all websites whose contact management system is known.

How to Get Started as an Affiliate

Refer to terms of service there’s a simple to complete on line application. After approval you’ll receive an email with the link to your Affiliate Dashboard.

WordPress. Com Referral Affiliate Product Features


The following section will cover an in depth look at WordPress Affiliate Product features.

In Depth WordPress Affiliate Features

>  Earn 20% for every Converted refferal. Then earn 20% of all revenues your refferal generates. That could end up generating a lot of earnings at that 20%.

>  Your sky is the limit as you can refer as many clients and contacts as you are able. Plus get paid for every premium sale you refer.

>  Once, an affiliate you have access to your Dashboard. You are able to manage your campaigns from your dashboard, track your traffic, view detailed statistics, check your payments and can even customize reports.

>  In the dashboard you can view all your statistics covering all of your campaigns,links, traffic…so you are able to make your plans based on performance these statistics provide.

>  You have your specific links available in your Referral WordPress.com platform.

>  There are numerous Banners that can be placed on your website, Ranging in size and dimensions. They are available to promote the various items available.

>  You have the ability to offer through your unique links the Jetpack plug-in, there are all sizes of banners available to promote this as well.

>  You get links and banners to also promote the WooCommerce platform.

>  Earn up to $300.00 for every conversion.

>  There are no fees to sign up. Affiliate program is free,

With these features you can now direct the traffic to WordPress, com and earn big, Anyone is able to join so you are not limited as to who you can promote to. With a 20% commission percentage it is worth your efforts to direct as many clients as possible to maximize your potential earnings.

Tools and Training in Affiliate Program

Over 60 million people worldwide choose WordPress.com to create their websites. You get to share in that success as a WordPress,com Affiliate. There are all the tools you’ll need to promote WordPress, com on your website and ability to earn commissions.

The Good and the Bad

The Good

> WordPress, com

>  No Fees

> Jetpack plug-in

> WooCommerce Platform

The Bad

> PayPal only

> $100 Threshold




Anyone wanting to have the ability to earn higher earnings as an affiliate this program would definitely be good for you. The product is digital so affiliate payouts are higher. After researching and reviewing the program I would recommend it I rate it a 4.6 out of a possible 5.0.

Want to start a WordPress website ? wordpress-get-started

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