Wayfair Affiliate Program-review

Wayfair offers an affiliate program that we will be reviewing. Who is wayfair? What are the wayfair affiliate program features. An in-depth look. The good and the bad, What is the recommendation.

Who is Wayfair?


Founded: 2002

Founders: Niraq Shah and Steve Conine

Wayfair Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts US wayfair-headquarters-boston

Type: Public

Traded: NYSE

Key People: Niraj Shah..co-chairman, president & CEO…. Steve Conine.. co-chairman

Industry: E-commerce

Brief History of Wayfair

Niraj Shah and Steve Conine both have Bachelor of Science Degrees from Corneel University. They started a two-person company in August 2002 in Boston Mass. and was headquartered at that time in Conine’s nursery. Both men had previously owned and operated their own companies. The company was originally known as CSN Stores which began as rackssandstands.com where they marketed and sold storage furniture and media stands. In 2003 the company added patio furniture and garden good supplies.

They by 2011 CSN Stores owned over 200 online shops. With capital, they raised in September 2011 Wayfair.com.launched. As of January 2014 Wayfair was the largest on-line only retailer for home furniture in the United States,

Features of Wayfair Affiliate Program

7 % Commission

7 Day Cookie

Managed Through Commision Junction

Bloggers and buying guides

Over 14 Million Products


Includes Additional Family Brands

In Depth Look at Wayfair Affiliate Features

7% commission is the normal a few items only pay a 5% commission. The beauty of Wayfair is that their average sale is over $300 per customer.

7 Day cookie means that a customer will be linked to you for a period of seven days and if they purchase the item you’ll get credit for the sale. Seven days may not seem like much but when you compare that to Amazon who has a One-day coolie it is quite a nice feature,

With Wayfair being managed through Commisison Junction you have to be approved by them and request your affiliate status with Wayfair. Once approved by Commisssion Junction they have many companies your able to apply for affiliate programs from those vendors as well.

Using bloggers and niche websites is the best way to promote Wayfair. Write your review or article than link your Wayfair links to the article…of home decorating or home furnishings’,,etc.

You have access to so many products it will blow your mind over 14 million different products are available.

Links your affiliate partnership is manged through Commission Junction and you will be able to use your personal links from your dashboard.

Additional family brands when you become an affiliate you gain access to link in the Family Brands which Includes the following: Joss&Main;…..ALL+Modern….Birch Lane… and Perigold.

The Good And The Bad

The Good

7% Commission

7 Day cookie

The Bad

Pinterest not Allowed to link directly to them. Can link back to an article where you have their links on your website or linked article.

E-mail campaigns must have approval

Who is This Affiliate Marketing Program For?

If you have any kind of following in the home furnishings’ marketplace this program is ideal for you to partner with. Just the volume of items available for your customer is a real delight. Your customers will be thrilled with the available selection.

Wayfair has been in the e-commerce selling for many years and have expertise in this arena. Wayfair is reinventing the way people shop for home furnishings’ with their technological innovation and years of knowledge in the home furnishing market,

Here’s a news article from Wayfair investors relation about the increase in sales they had last year 2019 in the five key days of holiday shopping. Wayfair Reports 36% Increase in Direct Retail sales…….

Once you read this you”ll want to be a part of this company going forward in the on line world of home furnishings. Your dreams can come true in affiliate marketing.

Work Affiliate Marketing-Your DREAMS can be Achieved.



This Wayfair Affiliate Program gets my recommendation. Anyone in this niche can benefit with this program by helping their clients to find the home furnishings’ they are looking for and also to be able to help Wayfair meet their potential customers. I will rate this program a 4.5 out of 5.0 only because it really I believe works well if the niche your blogging about or the website is in the home furnishing marketplace,

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