ULTIMATE BUNDLE AFFILIATE PROGRAM in this review will look at what is ultimatebundle. What are the features as an affiliate. A brief history. What are the commissions for affiliate. How do you start.




Brief History

Started as what was supposed to be a one time deal in 2012 that evolved into a lot more. The group presently works with over 1200 content creators, bloggers and authors. They put together these digital products from all around the internet and then package them in bundles creating these in different genres or categories the make them available for a short period with great prices. Over 300,000 bundles have been sold.

Features of ULTIMATE BUNDLES Affiliate Program

Established Community

High Commissions

Tools to Promote

Marketing Training for Affiliates

Awesome Partners

Gain Loyalty From Your Readers

In Depth Features of ULTIMATE BUNDLES Affiliate Program

Established community with Ultimate Bundles they have cultivated a flourishing Facebook group, with access to fellow affiliates. Plus receive training on how to best promote your bundles.

High commissions affiliates earn 40% on every sale and up to 70% if you are a contributor.

Tolls available include your own personal library of swipe copy, banners, images, and affiliate links to support your campaigns or promotions.

Marketing training is available to assist in how to set up e-mail campaigns, set up and promote profitable Facebook ads. Learn how to nurture your audience and a lot more… For new affiliates this is a great feature to assist with your success as an affiliate.

Awesome partners have been worked with big name experts. As well as thousands of smaller affiliates who earn a significant portion of their annual income promoting a few of the bundles offered.

By offering bundles that support your readers or website followers you gain their trust and loyalty as you offer to them information or tools that they have been searching for at a tremendous savings.

Here are the bundles that are up and coming……..new-bundle-promotions-ultimatebundle

Affiliates can earn 40% commission on each bundle sold offering them at savings of 90% to 99% off. OR you could earn 70% commission as a contributor by including a product in the bundle. Get thousands of bundle customers and new readers to appreciate your brand.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

Great Commissions



The Bad

Length of promotion

Ultimate Bundle Offers A Bonus Partner Program

Bonus program can be applied for. What the program is a way for other companies to get in front of millions of potential customers within their niche market.

Campaigns such as the one they will be partnering in would cost them easy $10,000 dollars to run themselves. By joining the bonus partner program it costs them only to provide a bonus offer within the bundle that has a value of $15.00 or more that has to be a legitimate product, with no-strings attached. The bonus product give the customer the opportunity to get to know who you {the bonus partner} is. The most common offers are either a free sample product or a store credit.

Over 90% of the companies that have been in the program have asked if they can participate in future promotions. It is a win win program.free-gift

Everyone appreciates a free gift. What’s a Bonus Partner? Click on the question it will take you to their site and explain the program and have a place to apply if you so wish. I am not an affiliate and I make no commission through this offer for you to learn more.

Who is this Affiliate Product Good For?

This program can and does work for many people interested in the affiliate marketing industry. The whole concept is a solid one that has developed over many years, When you consider it was originally designed to be a one time offer and because it was a success it has developed into a multi-million dollar business,

New affiliates would be smart to give this program a whirl and with proper promoting and time to build a following this could and has been proven a very good source of income.

Kalynbrooke has an article Ultimate Bundles 101 .

Very informative article. Worth checking out.

Future of Affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity


From the research it to me is a great opportunity. At any time there is a win win opportunity it to me deserves a second look. When companies have participated in their bundle programs and have asked to be included in future promotions . That says a lot. I do recommend Ultimate Bundle Affiliate program with a rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5.0

Look forward to hearing what you think?


Timothy Hibner

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