WOW!!! This is going to be a “Challenge” because there are so many available. Top affiliate marketing products would take a road scholar years to investigate and than another year or so to put it in writing. So why this topic. New people to this industry need knowledge.


This is going to be a list of some overwhelming number there are. Where do we start? We can just list the available categories of digital products that can be marketed as an affiliate. Let’s just do that for a start.affiliate-products-review

  1. Website Themes
  2. Media Files
  3. e books
  4. PDF’S
  5. Software
  6. Website Graphics
  7. Video Games
  8. SEO
  9. On-line education
  10. Promote Affiliate Platforms

There we can just spend the all day now taking each of those categories and pick from each one the best of the best. Let’s continue.


WOW! WOW! WOW! Maybe I’ll start over and just title this WOW! WOW! WOW! of affiliate marketing. Sorry for the sarcasm. Now lets just put our thinking caps on and for a few minutes think about how many categories of physical products there are…….”a lot”. You know what ? I’ll bet if you can think of a product it’s more than likely that someone offers an affiliate to promote it. Lets just list some physical categories. There are herds of herds-of-productsproducts available.

  1. Electronics
  2. Clothes
  3. Fashion
  4. Jewelry
  5. Airplanes
  6. Pets
  7. Pet Supplies
  8. Home & Garden
  9. Baby Products
  10. Books

Can you see this is just some categories of physical products. Now imagine how many products each of those categories have. “IMAGINE! IMAGINE! IMAGINE!” Should I change my title to use “IMAGINE! in place of WOW!”? Now were not done yet. What about services? Oh boy ….how many services are there? Lets just see the categories.


“OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY!” Let us list some categories of services there are.clickbank-ad

  1. Per Click [PPC}
  2. Credit
  3. Insurance
  4. Real Estate
  5. Travel
  6. Hotels
  7. Airline Booking
  8. Ads
  9. Information
  10. Tracking Services

Now think of the possibilities within each of those categories. I’ll save the superlatives. Where do we go from here?

Let us delve into three random picks for each category of the three avenues that we just listed and see what we can come up with.


1. e books: There is a company actually called eBooks.com which has an affiliate program to sell digital. They pay commissions on a tiered pay. The more you sell the more you make. They offer you links to the eBooks home page or to the specific page you have chosen to send them to. They have their service through Commission Junction.

2.Software: One company of many is Steller Data Recovery : they are a leading information technology company that has an affiliate program that developed a smart data software. Affiliates are paid up to $239 per sale.

3.PDF’S: Affilorama is a company that has an affiliate program centered around selling PDF’S. They offer affiliates a document containing valuable information on a particular topic of that is created for the purpose of being distributed around the internet for free, Affiliates are able to re brand the PDF with their own affiliate links so they earn money when people read the document, click the links, and make a purchase. If your not sure what a PDF is. PDF stands for a portable document format file.


1.Electronics: Best Buy has an affiliate They offer an affiliate program that lets you partner up with them and everytime a visitor from your site click open Best Buys content link and makes a qualifying purchase you get paid. They pay different % on different categories with some categories not eligible.

2. Fashion: Nordstrom has an affiliate program set up through Rakuten marketing program. Nordstrom pays you for you offering your customer access to high-demand products and Nordstrom’s legendary customer service. You get an affiliate link to them and any eleigible sales generated by your link you get paid.

3.Pet Supply: My Dog Foo company has an affiliate program where you share a link provide specific to you that gives your friends and followers across your social media channels that offers them a discount off their entire order. With each sale you receive a commission.


1.PPC : Infolinks is one that is considered one of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers to use. By referring new customers to Infolinks you can earn up to 10% of their revenues for 12 months.

2.Credit: Credit.com offers affiliates high conversion rates with access to exclusive offers. Earnings vary by offer. Their goal is to be the go to source for expert finance information including credit scores, credit cards, and credit reporting.

3.Travel : Expedia has an affiliate program is a commission-based partnership that allows an affiliate to deep-link to world-wide travel products, including, Dynamic travel packages. With Expedia Affiliate Program, affiliates get access to all major car rental companies as well.


The whole purpose of this themed article is to put by insight into the world of Affiliate Marketing. It my friend is vast. It covers a myriad of different avenues to earn n income or build a business around. We touched on a few of the many categories and a few companies. Yet there are a lot of platforms that have affiliate programs that connect you to hundreds of companies,products and services. That I’ll try to cover in an up coming article. Was this meant to be an all-inclusive place to uncover the best out there in affiliate marketing. Now by intent was to show you how vast and how huge of an opportunity that exists. Affiliate marketing can be exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Yet I love it and I’ll continue to add to this as time goes on. And just think I didn’t even mention the one company with probably the largest inventory available of physical products that offers an affiliate program…Amazon.com. Oh I just did mention them my bad. Well I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the worlds of affiliate marketing.


Timothy Hibner

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