Teachable Affiliate Marketing Review

In this article we will cover Teachable Affiliate Marketing Review. Will look at the features of the program, an in depth look of the features.the good and the bad who is behind Teachable,some related articles. Who is Teachable Affiliate Program for? Recommendations.


Who is behind Teachable?

Ankur Nagpal is CEO and founder of Teachable. He is from Bombay, India. He was with Udemy and in 2014 broke away on his own to create Teachable…..see related articles for more information.


Features of Teachable Affiliate Program

Commissions 30%

90 Day Cookie

Pays every month for active referrals

Unique Affiliate Code

Pick best Funnel for Your Audience

High-leverage bonuses

In the next section we will take a more in-depth look at the features of the Teachable Affiliate program.

In Depth Look At The Features

Commissions are paid at 30% and are ongoing as your referrals that sign up and make an active payment in the month you receive the same % of payment for that client referrals payment each month they remain active. When your referral upgrades to a more expensive plan you’ll get 30% of that transaction.

Teachable Affiliates have an unique link code that has a 90-day cookie assigned to it. That t means that if a customer clicks on your link and doesn’t take any action for the next 89 days than they say or decide yes I’m going to get started with teachable you get the credit for that individual and earn a 30% commission. Compare that to an AmazonAssociate who only gets a 24-hour cookie. This is an outstanding feature.

You get paid every month for commissions earned.

Unique Affiliate code is assigned to each affiliate that is tracked for any one clicking on that link.

You have as an affiliate access to funnels to use for your particular audience to maximize your opportunity for conversions.

Teachable is set up in sucha way that you have the opportunity for additional bonuses as clients you referred sign up for additional programs.Teachable does all the heavy lifting for you.

The Good and The Bad


90-day cookie

30% commissions

all that Teachable offers their customers


Minimum payout $50

Tedious to create sales pages

Who is Teachable Affiliate Program For?

Do you have an engaged audience. Have teachable experience this affiliate program would be a great match for you. Any affiliate marketer could use this platform and affiliate program to boost their earning potential. If your brand new it may be better to wait until you have an audience or following that you can market to. Commissions are good.

It would be easy to suggest that you could get into their free programs and as you become more proficient over time with going though their courses and learning how to do what Teachable offers than you could launch into the affiliate program with a true tested experience and could promote as results oriented individual verses an affiliate that is only selling you based on theory having never done it himself.

If your brand new to affiliate marketing I personally recommend you go to this Wealthy Affiliates for a great place to get awesome training especially for new beginners.

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What doesTeachable as a customer have to offer?

Teachable offers different plans. They have Basic which is $39 a month or $29 a month if paid annually. Then there is the Professional Plan which is $99 a month or $79 a month if paid annually. They also offer a Business Plan which is $499 per month or $399 a month if paid annually.

Teachable offers a free plan that you can try to see if it’s for you. It offers: Unlimited hosting….. Unlimited courses…. Unlimited students….. Unlimited video…… Discussion forum…… Basic quizzes….. Integrated payment processing and sales pages. There is no upfront cost to you to use teachable …..you only have to pay a commission on each course sell.

The Basic Plan includes the base free features plus Unlimited students…..5% transaction fees…..instant payouts…..2 admin-level users…..product support….. Course creator training…..custom domain support….coupon codes….drip course content…. Integrated affiliate marketing…. integrated e-mail marketing….. Third party integrations.

Professional includes base free features everything in the Basic Plan plus you get Unlimited students…… No transaction fees…..instant payouts….5 admin-level users…. priority product support…… Graded quizzes….. Advanced theme customization……advanced reports……unbranded website…..course completion certifications……course compliance.

The Business Plan include all free features plus everything offered in the Professional Plan plus Unlimited students….no transaction fees….instant payouts…..100 admin-level users…..priority product support….manual student imports….bulk student enrollments…..custom user roles,

Teachable lets you create and sell on-line courses, and just think about in this way. Everything is teachable. Teachable has over 83,000 plus instructors who use Teachable to take their knowledge and share it with others. You can with Teachable create with this on-line platform online courses Provide your students a world-class learning experience. It is effortless to set up You have the content the most important asset. Here you can take that knowledge content to a top-notch virtual classroom.

You have a user-friendly website builder…..fully optimized for web and mobile makes your courses look great no matter what your students used to access your courses. Laptop…desktops…tablets ,,,or smartphones. You can create multimedia lectures…..build a beautiful website…..you get a power editor to allow you to become proficient at code to create your own customized products. You can create sales pages….use Teachable domain to connect to your own. Reach students worldwide in any language.

You can create quizzes for your courses,,,provide course completion certifications,,,, and even create course compliance….you can include Google Forms, surveys, to collect student feedback….keep your students informed by sending targeted e-mails.

You can create your own coupon promotions….can offer advance pricing options…. create your own affiliate program for your courses…. can create customized sales pages….you can take payment from 130 plus countries with international payment plans such as PayPal, stripe, MasterCard, VISA, and more……

Recommendations of This Teachable Affiliate Program

This Teachable Affiliate Program has an awful lot of pluses. The 30% commission and outstanding 90-day cookie alone has great merit. For experienced affiliates this can be a great additional income opportunity. For The new beginner or one with limited time in affiliate marketing there are better and much better training grounds as mentioned in the who is this for section.


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