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Target Affiliate Program. What are the features of the program? The good and the bad. A brief history of Target Corporation. In depth look at the Target Affiliate Program features. Who is the program for.

A Brief History of Target Corporation

Founded: 1902

Formally:Goodfellow Dry Goods 1902 to 1903

Dayton’s Dry Goods Company 1903 to 1910 target-headquarters

Target Corporation Headquarters Target Plaza, 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Dayton Company 1910 to 1962

Dayton Corporation 1962 to 1969

Dayton-Hudson Corporation 1969 to 2000

Target Corporation 2000 to Present

Founders: George Dayton….. Jesse Geisse

Type: Public

Traded: NYSE

Industry: Retail

Key People: Brian C. Cornell … Chairman…CEO ….. Cathy R. Smith… Executive VP….CFO… Robert M. Harrison… Senior VP Comptroller

Target started in Minneapolis when a Presbyterian Church burned down, and when the parish wasn’t able to rebuild it asked one of the parishioners to buy an empty corner lot the church owned so they could rebuild. That parishioner was George Dayton. He then built a six story building on that corner lot. After building he convinced a local Goodfellows store to move into the building. The owner retired and sold his interest to George Dayton. Today Target has developed from that to a mass retailer in the Discount arena. With over 1800 stores.

Features of the Target Affiliate Program

Once approved after sign up the following are key features in the program. Anyone who operates a website that is family friendly and whose visitors are mainly from the US. subject to the terms and conditions. Sign up is available on line at Target Affiliate Program.

Up to 8% Commission

7 Day Cookie

Weekly Newsletter affiliate-fees-chart

Dedicated Program Manager

Well regulated Program



Following Section will take an in depth kook at these features.

In Depth Look at The Features of Affiliate Program

Up to 8% commission on qualified items sold through your affiliate links. Percent varies by category of merchandise and some departments or categories are exempt from commission payouts. Such as Grocery, Target Pharmacy. Target Optical, Target Photo…movies,,,video games… music…gift cards….and other items distinctly outlined in the affiliate commission structure.

Weekly Newsletter that contains updates on promotions, contests, and various sales promotions.

Dedicated program manager is assigned to each affiliate to answer questions and help them to become successful in the affiliate program.

Well regulated program with dashboard in the Impact Radius for affiliates and real time reporting of their activities, Links clicked.items purchased, payouts rendered and commissions earned.

Links are dedicated to each associate through a tracking number. Links can be placed.

Tools are readily available in the form of Target links, banners, Widgets, products. There is no limit as to how many of these can be applied to your website. Target offers over 150 banners in a variety of sizes available in the Impact Radius. Banner messages include sales, special promotions and popular merchandise and Target logos.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

Branded Name.


Newsletter to update affiliates.

No restriction as to placement or quantities of links and other promotional tools.

The Bad

Not all departments and categories included

Some % are only 1%

Who is the Program For?

Target Affiliate Program is a good program as it has a multitude of items and promotions available. The cookie duration is much better than Amazons one day. For new websites or for new bloggers it might be better to get established with some traffic to your content before beginning with Target.

It never hurts to try an affiliate program if it is one that makes total sense for your readers .. A review of product website would be an ideal candidate for this program.

Plus Targets EPC is very good. EPC stands for Estimated Earnings per 100 clicks. Targets EPC is $12 to $13 per 100 clicks. If you can generate enough traffic to have a 100 clicks in an appropriate this will be a very viable program to participate in.

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As an affiliate marketer myself I see this as a great opportunity to drive additional income to my websites. I am personally going to apply. I may wait to have more traffic coming to my sites before I do but it is a great Brand and well worth using. I am going to recommend it and give Target Affiliate Program a 4.6 out of 5.0

As part of Target Corporations History a Detroit Icon for many many years was the Dayton Hudson Building in downtown Detroit. In my retail life of brick and mortar I had the privilege of managing a location for another company that was right across the street from the Hudson Building. So for those who don’t remember I attached a picture. Today the building has been removed and new office complex is in its place.hudson-building-detroit

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