Tai Lopez Affliliate Program Review

We will today explore Tai Lopez affiliate program. This will be one of many reviews of different affiliate programs or opportunities that exist in the world of affiliate marketing.tai-lopez


Tai is a social media influencer with a huge following in social media. He has millions of people that his brand reaches on a daily basis. His follower know who he is. They like and trust him.

Tai Lopez is an adviser to over 20 Multi-million dollar businesses. He is an investor and partner with many To say that he is a social media influencer is an under statement. He has 6.2 million fans on Facebook…..2.9 million followers on Instagram and over 1.2 million followers on Twitter. His following on You Tube continues to grow on a daily basis with over 1 million followers there.

What is Tai’s Affiliate Program?

He offers affiliates to market his 67 STEPS …AND his SMMA programs. His EPC’s RANGE FROM $1.50 to $40.00 with up to 50% bonuses.

What is SMMA?smma-program

SMMA stands for social media marketing agency. Where the affiliates or partners offer to assist business owners how to improve their presence in the world of social media. Tai Lopez program trains the affiliate how to.

What is 67 STEPS learn-books

This is an offering for people to be personally mentored by Tai Lopez in a series of 67steps training or guidance with money. Tai Lopez affiliates market customers to that program.


Tai Lopez affiliates do have the opportunity to add to what they wish to market. There are available for additional money programs that Tai offers and once the in these additional programs the affiliate can market more.

Tai is always looking for more and more opportunities to market through social media. So there are a lot of opportunities that he presents not only to affiliates but to the market place.

Upon researching there is a lot of information on Tai Lopez and his TaiLopez.com, Some negative some positive. One thing for sure is that there has been a lot of people who have become very successful through his programs.

With the number of followers and friends on the different platforms that Tai Lopez has tells me that his programs and what he advises about most be pretty good or he would never maintain that kind of following

Affiliates Recieve Training With Each Program

The affiliates receive plenty of training within their affiliate programs. Tai has not only himself but also tutorials and training sessions with partners and from other marketing guru’s he has worked with or interviewed.

Recommended Yes or No?

Tai Lopez answer is yes. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a marketing expert in the world of social media. Tai’s experience and many programs, Tai Lopez training alone would assist any affiliate marketer to improve his skills with Tai or to transcend the knowledge to other affiliate programs.

In this awesome world of affiliate marketing his overall rating I would give a 4.5 out of 5.0 Like anyone who is successful their are critics for and against and I found in my research Tai has both. His program is worth looking into.

Best to you in this Affiliate Marketing World


Timothy Hibner


  1. This is a great post and worthy of  being read. Tai Lopez is a guru in his field and I happen to be one of his follower on social media platforms. He is inspiring and motivating too. Great post you have shared here concerning his coming program. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these here. Great one

    • Thing I like is he is down to earth .. he has a ton of knowledge in this industry .. I’ll continue to follow 

      Thanks for your thoughts 


  2. Simply interesting and thank you for sharing this with us all. Of a truth, it is close to impossible to not fall in love with tai Lopez and his program. Simply detailed enough for anyone to understand what tai Lopez teaches. This affiliate program is great and I will keep using it for the visible times I can see. Very good one here!

  3. Social media has grown over time and I have read about so many people who made success online by the means of having adequate knowledge of how to market and relate on social media. Tai Lopez affiliate program is a very good program that’ll teach people in a more suitable and profiting way, i like the fact that it’s gonna be Tai that’ll mentor his learners. Thanks.

  4. Yeah i could remember  bfore I started  making money on affiliate  program I dont have have any knowledge  on it and no one even put me through so this made me work and extra work which is very stressful  for me,but for this kind of program trust me no one is gonna have problem on any affiliate  website the tai Lopez will be a really helpful program for all new people that wanna take part in the affiliate marketing thanks so much for this post 

  5. Tai Lopez 

    Yes it’s good social media marketing, I can recommend it

    its help people to be able to do business on line,

    and get credit.

    so can use it for promoting their business

    on line.

    Tai Lopez answer is yes. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a marketing expert in the world of social media. Tai’s experience and many programs, 

    Tai Lopez training alone would assist any affiliate marketer to improve his skills with Tai.

    it is good program to do business

    and promote business on line,

    to get more people to support, your


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