Spotify a Best Free Affiliate Program- review

spotify-logo Is Spotify a Best Free Affiliate Program -review?

We will explore various best and good about Spotify Affilate Program. A little of History, who are they….what are some features of their program …founders and the inside programs for the Spotify Affiliates to used to generate income.

Who is Spotify ?

Spotify: Wikipedia

Website: spotify.com

Founder: Daniel Ek …. Martin Lorentzon

Founded: 2004

Owners: Publicly Held Trades on NYSE

CEO: Daniel Ek

CFO : Barry McCarthy

Headquarters: Luxembourg Stockholm….Sweden

Industry: Steaming on demand Media

Some History

Spotify was developed in 2006 and actually launched in 2008. lLathea Tobias given credit for the name as they combined Spot and Identify to form the name Spotify…. Company operates internationally under multitude of companies in different regions. There are presently 44 offices that operate internationally.

Spotify Program Features

>  Spotify has its own server

>  Basic Service

> Shopify Life

>  Spotify Advanced

In the next t section we will cover in depth these features.

In Depth Look at Features of Program

>  Spotify has its own platform. It is a cloud based multi-channel platform.

>  Basic Plan for the customer is $29 a month recurring each month

>  Spotify Life is a life long plan at a cost of $9 a month.

> Spotify Advanced is $299 a month

These are all customer based programs that the company offers. At present Spotify does not offer an affiliate program.

Good and the Bad

The Good:

>  Multiple programs to fit customers needs.

>  Industry leader

>  Can be used to set up a customer own store

>  Sales over 100 Billion

The Bad:

>  No Affiliate Program

>  Advertisers only no publishers


As with any research it depends on what you are looking for and as an Affiliate program Spotify presently strikes out. So, since I’m looking to review Affiliate Marketing Programs they will score only a one out of five. For advertisers and customers they have a good program. Nothing against what and how they Market . affiliate-yes-no-chart

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