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Skimlinks affiliate program has come under some thoughts of are they really an affiliate program or a sub-affiliate. This review will be research of what their program is and we will let you be the judge. Who is Skimlinks? A brief history, what are the features of the program, the good and the bad, who is this program suited for and recommendations.

Who is Skimlinks     skimlinks-logo

Industry: Marketing Advertising

Founded: London, United Kingdom

Founders: Alicia Navarro, Joe Stepniewski

Headquarters: London, UK

Products: Skimlinks, Skimlinks Editor Tool, Audiences by Skimlinks

Services: In-text Advertising and Marketing, Audiences data platform

Skimlinks powers commerce content strategies for publishers’.Skimlinks technology earns publishers’ a share of sales that they automatically pay when the content created by the editors is driven through product links. They have over ten years in the industry.

A Brief History of Skimlinks

Skimlinks was founded by Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski in London,both came from Australia where they had been, Alicia had developed in 2006 Skimbit.com, she knew that London would be a better place to be. Her Skimbit.com took off quickly and developed into a white-label social shopping service. In 2008 Joe Stepniewski was brought on board as a co-founder. They realized that the advertisers were interested in the behind the scenes’ technology that they were using to monetize their sites through affiliate marketing. In 2011 Skimlinks acquired Alma Links to power the companies SkimWords technology.

Features of Skimlinks Affliate Program

Easy Sign Up

Turn Your Content into Scalable Income

Skimlinks Platform designed to power publishers’ commerce strategy

Commerce Content

Install one code

Analytical tools and statisticsanalytical-sample-page

Skimlinks Editor Toolbar-a Google Chrome Extension

In Depth of the Features

Easy sign up anyone can apply to the program and once approved can start right away.

With their program you can start to scale your website into scaleable income through their link to content .

Skimlinks uses their connections and partnerships with merchants to be able to place their product links on the publishers’ pages of the content they write. Skimlinks charges 25% of the commission the publisher earns for getting these links to the publishers’ pages helping Skimlinks to earn money and allows the merchants to get their products and services to more customers.

Skinlinks scans the publishers’ content and any keywords dealing with commerce are then linked to the merchant who best fits that commerce content.

The company has the affiliate insert a JavaScript code to their website when the y become an affiliate and as soon as the code is in the technology has all the content scanned and links are created.

Once an affiliate you have access to analytical reporting showing the activity and dollars earned for the conversion of links that have been generated.

Skimlink has developed a Google Extension that can scan the content of the article to see how many links are available.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

One link Guides 100:s of links

Easy Sign Up

Once an Affiliate Access to All Available Merchants

Google Chrome Extension Available

The Bad

Time to get paid

25% commission paid to Skimlinks

Who is Skimlinks Affiliate Program For?

Ideal for bloggers who create content in their websites. Skimlink is designed to scan your content and any keywords that are good for a merchant it turns those into affiliate links. The program is good for affiliate marketers who have a lot of content already published and haven’t linked many of the keywords in those articles that could be. It is also good for newer website bloggers who may not be able to get accepted as an affiliate with merchants that are good for their niche. Skimlinks once you are an affiliate with them all the merchants they have you are allowed into their affiliate program. The cost of that is that Skimlinks keeps 25% of the commission you earn a and you get the remaining 75%.


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In the research there are pros and cons. Some reviewers really like the program while others are not as keen. As a newer affiliate myself I at the present time will have to wait a little longer to see if this is a good one for me to recommend.

The program as it sets has a lot of good elements. So I don’t want to give it a bad rating. So I’ll rate them a 4.2 out of a possible 5.0 while the consensus is still unsure if they are an affiliate program or a sub affiliate program.You decide.

Look Forward to Hearing From You as To What Do You Think???


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