SiteGround Affiliate Program a software affiliate review

site-ground-banner SiteGround Affiliate Program a software affiliate review will cover a brief history of the company, features of the program, who is it for, what do they offer, the good and the bad, and recommendations.

History of SiteGround

Founded: March 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria capital-bulgaria

Founder: Ivo Tzenov

Type: Privately Held

Headquarters: Offices in five countries….. Bulgaria, USA, UK, Spain, Singapore

Key People: CEO…Tenka Nikolov…CTO…Nikolay Todanov … COO… Reneta Tsankova

Industry: Web hosting

Company was founded by a few university friends in 2004. In 2015 Joomia offered free hosted website solutions on Joomia.com in partnership with SiteGround.

How to Sign Up

Go to SiteGround and click on Affiliates follow the instructions to sign up for the program.

Who is The Program For?

The Program is for anyone from beginner web hosting to real web geeks.


Features of SiteGround Affiliate Program

>  High Commissions

>  Ease in Promoting

>  Top Reviews

>  Solutions for Many Users

>  Best Value

The next section will give in depth look at each feature

In Depth Feature Details

>  High Commissions….1 to 5 sales per month $50 a sale…..6 to 10 sales per month $75 a sale……11 to 20 sales per month ….$100 a sale…….21 plus sales per month ….custom commissions

The more you refer the more money you make. Higher commissions are available depending on how much you refer…..and get payed every week without minimum payout threshold. Only a short withhold period of 30 days,

Ease of referral is so easy. Get your affiliate link and now you place where you want. Post on your website, your social media posts, or just give it to any of your contacts, Through conversations to e-mails. You’ll receive tools that will help you do all of the things to get your message out there,

>  Because the high quality of service you can promote with confidence. Many clients and partners over 60,000 plus are using worldwide,

>  SiteGround is a known Brand with outstanding reviews and great brand recognition and reputation. SiteGround maintains quality service and are widely recommended for their amazing support system with its 24/7 support on a high performance platform.

>  Offers solutions for a wide range of multiple users. From beginners to the professional. Regardless of where your clients or contacts fall on this beginner to pro SiteGround can provide the easiest process for the newbies with seamless site creation and a rich set of tools for that professional to help that advanced need.

>   Partners love SiteGround because it is the best value for the money. They love the package we offer as it has it all. It has all the features you need, awesome service, and it comes at a great price.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

>  Brand Recognition

>  60,000 affiliates using

>  Ease of promoting

>  Great tools for affiliate

The Bad

>  Up charge on renewal

>  Monthly Charge

Tools Available For Affiliate

Affiliate Visuals….There is a large set of banners already created that appeal to different types of users. Plus screenshot images available to help engage a visitor


Here’s an example……..

> Complimentary Hosting…. All affiliates have a complimentary first month of free hosting, this allows affiliate firsthand knowledge of service you are promoting.

> Campaign Tools…. You have the ability to create and separately track different marketing campaigns thus allowing you to know exactly which campaign is working the best. It also lets you customize than to what a particular audience is responding to. This is a great way to optimize your work.

> Custom Landing page….affiliates who are actively referring can have a custom landing page created by SiteGround designers to help you convert your traffic even better,

> Reliable Tracking ….. SitGround has built and maintains its own reliable tracking system for your links that are maintained live as a cookie for 60 days from the click. Gives detailed reports of your link activities.


There is always a question whether or not affiliate marketing is a viable and goo place to get involved in for future success, I recommend you read this article. Future of Affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity.


As an affiliate marketer reviewing and working with a lot of these affiliate companies and programs I highly recommend SitrGround Affiliate program as a very viable mean to advance your affiliate marketing. Even with the renewal up charges the platform and quality are well worth your efforts. So out of a one to five rating I give them 4.8….

Would love to know what do you think????


Timothy Hibner

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