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RevenueHits Affiliate Program is it for you? What are the program features? In depth look at the features. The good and the bad. How to start. Who is the program best for? Brief history. Recommendation, whether to pursue this program or do more research.

Who is RevenueHits?revenuehits-logo

RevenueHits is a self-service Ad Network platform for publishers, It is developed and owned by Intango, a leading ad technology company. RevenueHits leverages intelligent algorithms designed to monetize your online property to the fullest extent.

Brief History

RevenueHits is owned by Intango let us take a look at a brief History of Intango.

Key Players: Avi Slavin…CEO…Abraham Slavin…Managing Director.

Headquartered: Tel Aviv, Israel

Products: digital ads, monetization,internet,ad network marketing, digital media, advertising, information technology and services and enterprise software.

Established : 2008

Offices: Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and New York


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Features of RevenueHits Affiliate Program

Referral Link


Referred publishers appear under your name

Easy to join

100% Fill Rate for Ads

Compliant Ads

24/7 Monitoring

Advanced Technology Tool


In Depth Look at The Features of RevenueHits Program

Referral link is available that as an affiliate you can share with others to get them started as an affiliate.

For having referrals signing up to revenuehits you can earn income as follows for the first year if your referrals earn more than $1500.00 you get 10% of that. In the first year they earn less than $1500.00 you earn 5%.

Any referred publishers you have sign up go under your name and receive the above mentioned earnings for each of those referrals.

Revenuehits is easy to sign up for. All you need to do is go to revenuehits affiliate program and follow the instructions to sign up.

100% fill rate for ads. With no minimum website traffic required. All you do is once you decide to turn your ad space into income, you can do it at anytime by installing ReveueHits ad code to your website.

Compliant ads is RevenueHits first priority as they know publishers work hard to create content that gets them SEO. You will get compliant ads as they have a compliance team which works to harness the most advanced ad-monitoring technology.

24/7 monitoring is yours as you have full control because of very reliable multilevel reporting and tracking systems. You maintain full direct access to time-framed customized vital stats which includes clicks, revenue per customer, eCPM, impressions and they are all color coded for ease of assessing.

Advanced tool technology is available as Revenuehits is a technological company that helps thousands of publishers monetize their Adblock traffic by the use of Banners and Pops.

Service is very important to you as a publisher and you want to know you can count on Revenuehits to be there when you need assistance. revenuehits prides itself in having hired the best account managers available in the industry. They also contend they have the fastest response time to help you optimize your earnings.


The Good and The Bad

The Good

Referrals placed under your name

10% Commission on Referrals earning over $1500.00 first Year

No minimum traffic to site required

Compliant Ads

The Bad

Works best with Large traffic

Trying to decide which Type of ads

Who is The RevenueHits Affiliate Program For?

RevenueHits Affiliate Program is for publishers that are trying to find a means to generate more income revenue by using a self serve platform. Many publishers are looking for an alternative for Google Adsense and this does fill that need as it is an option to do just that see related articles. You if this is you.

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My sense is that this could very well be an exceptional alternative for ad sense. My biggest concern is that unless you have traffic to your blogs or website the chance of additional ad revenue is going to be limited to that number. I personally would recommend building traffic to your website first. Though they don’t have a required traffic to get started. Now if you are planning on just getting referrals then this for a new affiliate marketer a means to earn some good revenue should your referrals be established to generate over $1500.00 a year as 10% is a good number which would earn you $150.00 or more per referral. That could add up to a substantial amount of earnings. Out of a possible 5 I give RevenueHits Affiliate Program a 4.0.

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