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This article will be about MaxBounty Affiliate Program covering who is MaxBounty? Features of the affiliate program, an in depth look at those features, the good and the bad. Who is the MaxBounty Affiliate Program for? Some related articles and recommendations.

Who is MaxBounty?


MaxBounty is a Canadian based CPA affiliate network that was established in 2004. That means it is a cost per action affiliate network. They bring advertisers to a platform where they can advertise their products or offers, then they in turn payout commissions when a required task has been performed by a publisher. MaxBounty works as a middle man for the advertiser and the publisher. This gives the publisher access to hundreds of offers from many advertisers to give them an opportunity to earn for their actions on meeting the advertisers requirements. In some opportunities it may be just getting a client to fill out a form and the advertiser will pay the publisher for their efforts in doing so. MaxBounty was founded by two experienced affiliate marketers in 2004. JP Suave and Steven Suave are the founders and have headquartered the company in Ottawa, Canada.

MaxBounty Affiliate Program Features


$1000 Performance Bonus.

Numerous Campaign Opportunities.

Affiliate Rewards Program.

Super Support.

Performance Marketing Training.

Different types of affiliate offers.

In Depth Look of MaxBounty Features

Affiliates who generate over $1,000 in any campaign within the first three months of joining MaxBounty Affiliate Program are eligible to receive the performance bonus of $1,000.

Numerous campaign opportunities are offered for the affiliate….some examples Blue Sky Auto Finance rate is $7.20 a lead…. Max Car Loan rate is $8.00 a lead…. StartACareerToday-Kroger rate is $2.40 a lead……SpareRoom [US] rate is 80% of sale…… Work at Home Moms CPL [US,CA] rate is $1.60 per lead…. Bitcoin Profit Now…Deposit [UAE] rate is $520.00 per lead…. Personal Computer- Biz Opp [US] rate is $80.00 per lead…..Kabbage Small Business Loans [US] rate is $200.00 per lead…. You can see there is a great opportunity available to the affiliate promoting these campaign offers. This is just a sampling of the hundreds of campaigns available.

MaxBounty offers their top earners with all expense paid retreat location of the company’s choosing each year. Not only do these affiliates get to enjoy and have fun, they get the opportunity to share with other top earners about conversion strategies and traffic building opportunities that are working for other top earners.

On line reviews of MaxBounty have shown that the support team at MaxBounty are quick and very knowledgeable whether it’s a tech issue or a customer issues.

Affiliates at MaxBounty are offered training with on line course on how to market products and services appropriately online. The MaxBounty University features video based training and is free for the MaxBounty Affiliates.

Affiliate offers come in different types there is the lead based offers, which tend to be easier to convert than sales based offers but you as an affiliate have choices of which type of offer you want to promote. Which ever is best for the niche your audience is in.

The Good and The Bad


Highly experienced support staff.

Delegated affiliate managers want you to be successful and are very helpful.

Reliable platform with a user-friendly interface.

Providing thousands of products and services to promote.

Very reliable payment system and you have choices for payout.


Can get banned easily for questionable traffic.

MaxBounty has a very strict registration process for affiliates that do not have a website.

Comments From Affiliates Using MaxBounty

affiliates-explaining -program

In research found these comments from some affiliates using MaxBounty. Have paraphrased their comments.

First Affiliate…..” I am working with MaxBounty since 2017, one of the best network. Always paying on time.” Second Affiliate…” I’ve been with MaxBounty for a year now and have nothing but positive to say about them. They have yet to miss a payment and I talk to my Affiliate Manager daily, There is nothing more I could ask from them. I rate them 5 out of5.”… Third Affiliate……” Excellent affiliate site with very fast support, great rates and many programs to promote. MaxBounty Lovely.” … Fourth Affiliate….” MaxBounty is one of the best CPA+ Affiliate Marketplaces….easy to earn…anyone can work from home….earn money in short time…+best CPA rate.” Fifth Affiliate …” I have been working with MaxBounty for the past eight years and have no problems. Very nice managers, good support, best converting offers. I 100% recommend.”

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Who is The MaxBounty Affilliate Program For?

MaxBounty is designed for any affiliate marketer that desires to earn additional income. The advantage of CPA offers is that a lot of what is required by the advertiser is simplicity of what they are looking for. The biggest need is to have a sufficient amount of followers to promote the offers to. So established bloggers or website owners or those with a substantial amount of followers through their social media.



MaxBounty is a program I would recommend based on the affiliate comments made about the program as active MaxBounty affiliates. That and the amount of campaign offers that are available with good to great payouts from the advertisers. Out of a possible 5 I would rate MaxBounty Affiliate Program a 4.7. Some researchers or reviewers recommend it even for beginners. I’m not that sure about beginners as the campaigns are going to require traffic in order to convert. Website owners with traffic or a blogger who has a niche that is being followed by a good number of customers has a much better chance to convert the campaigns into a good income. MaxBounty seems to be a very legitimate affiliate marketing network. As long as an affiliate you follow the rules and speak with your affiliate manager I believe you’ll be fine as an affiliate. Many of the affiliates get into trouble as they don’t follow the strict rules that MaxBounty has for promoting the affiliate program. You have to follow everything exactly as described or you’ll find MaxBounty has shut your account down.

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