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In this review we will take a look at Leadpages Affiliate Program. The features, in depth look at the features. A brief history of Leadpages. The good features the bad features. Who is Leadpages Affiliate Program for. Recommendations for or against.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a best-in -class digital lead generation platform. leadpages-logo

Landing page publisher…..traffic and lead collections…..landing pages templates…..drag and drop customization…. Facebook ad builder…..payments….. A/B testing…Analytics……Integration…..customer support. The company also offers Marketing resources and education with weekly published marketing blogs…online training and webinars geared at helping users to grow their businesses….and ConvertedU…courses, resources, and connections for marketing as a small business.

Brief History

Founded by Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons and Simon Payne.

Founded in 2012.

Company supports over 45.000 users.

Company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Key People… John Tedesco

Company intent is to provide small business marketers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get online and help them grow their businesses. They have thousands of customers using this platform to easily publish web pages, confidently generate leads and provide a means for these customers to turn their clicks into customers, They help create landing pages, websites, alert banners and pop-ups.

city-of-minneapolis-minnesota-at-nightMinneapolis at Night…..

Features of Leadpages Affiliate Program

30% Commission

Free Links

Easy Sign Up

Recommend Purchase a Leadpages Plan… not Required

Wait for E-mail Acceptance

30 Day Cookie

Promote Many Ways

Next section will take an in depth look at these features and more…..


In Depth Look at Leadpages Affiliate Features

30% Commission for as long as your referral remains a customer. This includes any renewals or upgrades your referral trans acts. Your referrals receive tech support, marketing education and great software that keeps them engaged in Leadpages and you continue to receive commission on new updates and renewals.

As an affiliate you have access to the market suite of lead generation tools for you to promote and all linked back to your affiliate number. You are provided with dozens of links inside your affiliate dashboard that connects to free content such as Leadpages home page, pricing page,,,and more. The company also provides affiliates with links sent to you through your e-mail for even easier ways to earn commissions.

Sign up is very easy to do.

Leadpages recommends but doesn’t require you to be in one of their plans so you can better promote to your referrals that which you are already using. Their plans are as follows: LeadPages Standard cost is $37 a month…. LeadPages Pro cost $79 a month….and LeadPages Advanced which is $321 a month. Each of the plans include: limitless pop-ups…. Real time analytics…. Facebook advertisement contractor….. Limitless LeadPages…… Smooth combinations ….weekly group training….mobile responsive pages…..limitless leads and traffic….lead magnet hosting and shipment.

30 day cookie life is currently available. As long as your referral purchases within the 30days after clicking on your referral link you get credit unless they click on another referral after yours.

Promote many ways. Through your blog. Website, social media…. You can promote the weekly live Leadpages webinars….once you have a proven track record of over 20 customers a month Leadpages will authorize you to offer exclusive Leadpages deals and packages on your website…..e-mails …..use your unique affiliate link to drive traffic to any Leadpages blog post or Leadpages marketing content. Leadpages even offers a Leadpages webinar that if you can register 200 for a webinar Leadpages will host a dedicated Leadpages seminar with you.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

30% Commission

30 Day Cookie

Ways to Promote

Referral Links

Banners and Tools

The Bad

Push to buy Leadpages plan

Affiliate override if your referral clicks another Leadpages link after clicking yours new link click gets the credit.


man-deciding   Maybe for you?


Who is Leadpages Affliate Program For?

Leadpages affiliate program is meant for anyone wants to promote Leadpages. Maybe your already a customer and you really like the product you’re using you could join the affiliate program and get paid to tell others what you like. If your a blogger and are looking for ways to enhance your earnings Leadpages is good for any small businesses or entrepreneur to use so it would be easy to promote in your blogs. Have a website you could very easily add it as a sidebar to generate additional income. Brand new to affiliate marketing you could join their starter program then become an affiliate to promote what you are already learning.

Tools and training are huge factors in becoming good as an affiliate. Leadpages offers a very sound training program and marketing tools to really help to promoting their products.

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After researching Leadpages Affiliate Program it is easy to seeing that there is good reason for the right affiliate marketer to choose Leadpages as an affiliate program to partner with. My real concern though I understand why they suggest you buy a plan it to me sends out a bit of a caution flag as to what their motive is, Is it to get you paying a monthly fee or is it to better acquaint you with what they have to offer. My other concern would be to go out and do all the leg work promoting ang getting a potential customer to click on my link only to have them maybe because they only remember the name Leadpages and in trying to find it to get started they just happen to click another referral link I lose the referral when it was my work that got them interested enough to first look at Leadpages. For those reasons I will only give them a 4.0 out of a possible 5.

When they should easily be a much higher rank. That’s my thoughts and if your thinking differently would be interesting to weigh in on your thoughts. Again wanted this to be informative. Hope you learned what you wanted to know.


What’s Your Opinion?

Looking forward to seeing what you think of Leadpages or their affiliate program. Maybe your sold on Clickfunnels and have an opinion about that.


Timothy Hibner

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