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In this article JVZoo Affiliate Program will be the focus. Who is JVZoo? Some History, features of the affiliate program, in depth look at those features, the good and the bad. A few related articles. Who is the JVZoo Affiliate Program for? What current affiliates think. Recommendations.



JVZoo was named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016 and 2017.

Who is JVZoo?

JVZoo is a SaaS …. Software As A Service…..it facilitates and automates on online sales, marketing and delivery. Founded a little over six years ago.

Founders: Chad Casselman and Bryan Zimmerman

Present Officers include: Laura Casselman is CEO…. Bryan Zimmerman is COO…. Chad Casselman is Chairman/CIO ….and Nathan Green is CFO.

Features of JVZoo Affiliate Program

Searchable Affiliate Marketplace

Earn up to 100% Commissions

Free to Join

One Affiliate Link for all Products in a Sales Funnel

Real Time Tracking

Automatic Bonus

Two-Tier Commissions Available on some Products

Instant Sales Notification

Global Vendor Cookies

In the next section we will take a more in depth look at the features.


In Depth Look at Those Features

As an affiliate you have access to JVZoo marketplace that gives you up to date so you know EPC details and what to expect from a promotion with network wide performance data.

Promote products via your website, email list, PPC, your blog…etc…Commissions are paid by vendor and go directly to your PayPal account.

Free to join with instant access to JVZoo Marketplace to find the products that fit your audience or niche.

Affiliates get a one link that will cookie all the products in your sales funnel such as one-time offers, downsells, cross-sells or upsells.

Real time tracking of earning statistics of your traffic You will even have the ability to create multiple trackers for same product using JVZoos Tracking ID System. You will know how your campaigns are performing.

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to offer your customers through your link the chance to get exclusive bonuses on products, That bonus product gets attached to your link and automatically gets included and delivered to your customer. So you get to offer up these bonuses and JVZoo does the rest.

Two -tier affiliate commissions are paid on some product. You are allowed to earn a commission when an affiliate you recruited makes a sale. This is a great reason to go out there and recruit for new affiliate sign-ups.

When you promote a vendor’s product you automatically cookied to all that vendors products you have requested affiliate links for….for life.

Emails are sent to your email’s in box each time an affiliate sale is made. So even if your not checking on your campaign you’ll know when a link is purchased.

All of your customer issues or concerns are all handled by the vendor. So you have no customer support to worry about or have to handle.

As an affiliate if you are promoting webinar you can add a personalized video introduction.

The Good and The Bad


Two-teir affiliate commission

Free to join

Huge Marketplace

Choices of How to Promote


Some customer have trouble getting problems solved by vendors.

Customers you send to vendors end up on vendors direct mailing list.

Many of Digital Products Sold Here are some bad ones.

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Who is JVZoo Affiliate Program For?

There are so many ways you can promote so it seems to be really just about for anyone from new to experienced. The number of products that there are to promote the hardest thing is going to be to try to decide what items you are going to try to convert. You can use email lists but that depends on if you have a decent subscribers or readers then you can mail the offer out to them. You want to make sure that the product you’ve chosen to say a little about and why the person on the other end of the email has a need or reason to convert. Sending just random emails or wrong items to your subscribers you’ll be just wasting your time.

Social media….. if you have a good size following on one of the social media platforms then this may be for you. Personally I believe if you haven’t built your brand in a particular niche than this may be a difficult means to convert. Having huge numbers in a particular social media platform doesn’t mean those that say are following …ARE THEY REALLY?

There are those who say its a good program for the new beginner because of the instant approval. But the catch to that is its approval to get into the program but the vendor still is the one who decides whether you will be approved or not. It’s been my experience that a new person with little experience or following is going to have a tough time getting approved. The advertisers want the affiliate to convert so they are going to be careful about who they accept.

JVZoo has a requirement that an account that is not active after six months will have there account closed. So new people I believe there are other affiliate programs that are much more suitable for new affiliate marketers. Best training available is with Wealthy Affiliates who I’ve included in the related articles.

What Publishers Think of JVZoo

First affiliate…” The extra features they provide compared to Clickbank, is another great side of JVZoo.”…. Second affiliate…” As an affiliate,JVZoo isn’t the easiest interface to use.”…. Third affiliate….”you have to wait for vendor to approve your request to promote JVZoo is a third party…” Fourth affiliate …. “JVZoo is a game changer…..unlike others they accept geographical locations…” Fifth affiliate…” I was an affiliate of that site. And I managed to promote some offers and product. You can see it is a good site. And they have some decent rates. But the thing is that they don’t seem to have a good product. And most of the Make Money Online niche products are bad. So it can be hard to promote them on many ways…”



With all the available products offered to the affiliate to promote it would be unfair to not recommend. Though I am going to recommend I believe there are other affiliate programs that may be better. I will give JVZoo Affiliate Program a 4.4 out of possible 5. The Biggest reason is the comments from affiliates.

What to you think of JVZoo?

Please send me your comments and thoughts. There are good and bad would like to see what you think.


Timothy Hibner

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