Green CulturED Affiliate Program-learning in the cannabis industry

Green CulturED Affiliate Program-learrning in the cannabis industry is available. This article is being written to give a real in depth look at what Green CulturED has to offer their students. As an affiliate marketer myself a lot of times the reviews only cover what the affiliate earns and gains in being a publisher for a certain company. In this case The Affiliate program will have great potential if the affiliate has a more thorough insight as to what he or she will be promoting.


What Green CulturEd Does

Their product is a plug-and-play total eLearning like no other in the cannabis industry. Not only for individuals but for companies and organization that need education or certification in the cannabis industry that needed solutions to this nationally and on a global scale, The cannabis industry is under constant change…. And as the different states legalize there will be more training needed.

Green CulturED provides a solution as they teach giving industry or governmental organization giving advice that they know works as they are actually doing this stuff every day. Green CulturED has become the industry’s most TRUSTED voice by sharing the best of what works in training.

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Brief History

Founded: 2012

Founder: Eric Erickson

Product: On-LineTraining

Located: Denver, Colorado

Being in Colorado put them ‘at the heart’ of the cannabis industry.

Accreditation and Membership

Accredited by Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office. AMCOamco



To provide the Marijuana Handler Permit training that is a requirement for each license, employee, or agent of a marijuana establishment before beginning employment or being licensed.













Authorized Outreach Trainers for Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA. To assure safe and healthful working conditions for the workplace by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, education, assistance and outreach.




Member of the National Cannabis Association NCIA. Which is a national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry in order to support the thousands of jobs and the billions in economic activity worldwide.

Course Catalog

The catalog is very diverse and can meet the needs of the individual or corporation. Will break it down below with information on each category.

> Membership >Industry Certifications


Membership breaks out in three separate courses. They are Lab…Lab+ … And HQ. At the time of this article being written the cost of course are as follows: Lab is $47.00 a month with a three-day free trial and $1.00 sign up fee. Lab+ is $97.00 a month with a three-day free trial and a $1.00 sign up fee. HQ is $147.00 a month.

Industry Certification has nine certification courses as follows:1. Dispensary Technician Certification cost is $297.00.2. Greenhouse Grower Certification cost is $397.00. 3. Hydroponic Grower Certification cost is $447.00. 4. Indoor Grower Certification cost is $497.00, 5. Master Grower Certification cost is $597.00. 6. Outdoor Grower Certification cost is $397.00. 7. Soil Grower Certification cost is $447.00. 8. GC Lab+ cost is $97.00 a month with a three-day free trial and a $1.00 sign up. 9. GC Headquarters cost is $147.00.

> Specialized Certification > Retail Dispensary



Specialized Certification has four courses and are as follows: 1. Alaska Handler Certification cost was $45.00 now reduced to $35.00. 2. Occupational Safety Certification cost is $147.00. 3. Oregon Worker Certification cost is $0.00.4.GC Headquarters cost is $147.00.

Retail Dispensary offers 14 courses. As follows:1. Analysis and Testing cost is $17.00. 2. Chemistry cost is $17.00 on sale $0.00. 3. Concentrates cost is $27.00. 4. Consumption Effects cost is $37.00. 5. Edibles and Concentrates cost is $17.00. 6. How to Determine Valid Identification cost is $37.00. 7. How to Identify Impairment cost is $37.00. 8. Introduction to Chemistry cost is $27.00. 9. Making Medicine cost is $27.00. 10. Preventing Unlawful Consumption and Diversion cost is $37.00. 11. Product Labeling and Packageing Safety cost is $47.00. 12. Security Prepping Deliveries cost is $7.00. 13. Technician Skills cost is $37.00. 14. Using as Medicine cost is $7.00.

> Cannabis Cultivation > Medical Aspects


Cannabis Cultivation consists of 39 different courses as follows: 1. Air and Environment cost is $27.00 2. Ballasts and Bulbs for Lighting cost is $17.00. 3. Breeding cost is $17.00. 4. Calendar and Checklist cost is $17.00 on sale $0.00. 5. Clones, Cloning, and Mothers cost is $17.00. 6. CO2 Enrichment cost is $17.00. 7. Electricity, Power Sources, and Timers cost is $17.00. 8. Fertilizers and Additives cost is $37.00. 9. Flowering cost is $17.00. 10. Fungi and Diseases cost is $27.00. 11. Genetics cost is $27.00. 12. Germination and Seedlings cost is $7.00. 13. Getting Ready to Clone cost is $17.00. 14. Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames cost is $27.00. 15. Harvesting cost is $17.00. 16. Horticulture cost is $17.00 on sale $0.00. 17. Hydroponic Mediums, pH, and Sterilization. 18. Hydroponic Nutrients, Reservoirs, and irrigation cost is $27.00. 19. Hydroponics cost is $27.00. 20. Indoor Grow Rooms cost is $7.00. 21. Lighting cost is $17.00. 22. Lighting Systems and Bulbs cost is $37.00. 23. Manicuring, Drying, Curing. And Storing cost is $27.00. 24. Nutrients and Deficiencies cost is $37.00. 25. Odor Control cost is $27.00. 26. Outdoor Garden cost is $17.00, 27. Outdoor Pets and Predators cost is $17.00. 28. Pests and Predators cost is $37.00. 29. Planting Outdoor Garden cost is $17.00. 30. Pruning and Bending cost is $17.00. 31. Reflective Hoods and Lighting Devices cost is $27.00. 32. Seeds cost is $7.00. 33. Soil Amendments cost is $17.00. 34. Soil Containers cost is $17.00. 35. Soil Growing cost is $27.00. 36. Step-by-Step to Cloning cost is $17.00. 37. Strains cost is $17.00. 38. Transplanting cost is $17.00. 39. Water and Irrigation cost is $27.00.

Soft Skills > Workplace Safety



Workplace Safety offers 13 courses as follows: 1. Active Shooter cost is $27.00. 2. Bloodborne Pathogens cost is $27.00. 3. Electrical safety cost is $27.00. 4. Emergency Action Plan cost is $27.00 on sale $0.00. 5. Ergonomics cost is $27.00. 6. Eye Safety cost is $27.00. 7. Hazardous Materials cost is $27.00. 8. Injury Illness Prevention $27.00. 9. Introduction to OSHA cost is $27.00 on sale $0.00. 10. Machine Guarding cost is $27.00. 11. Personal Protective Equipment cost is $27.00. 12. Safety and Health Programs cost is $17.00. 13. Walking and Working Surfaces cost is $27.00.

Soft Skills offers four courses as follows: 1. IT Security Awareness cost is $37.00. 2. Prioritize Like a Pro cost is $700. 3. Professional Selling Skills cost is $47.00. 4. Skype cost is $7.00.

> Management Operations > Cannabis Studies


course -image

Management Operations offers two courses as follows: 1. Emergency Action Plan cost is $27.00 on sale $0.00. 2. Safety and Health Programs cost is $17.00.

Cannabis Studies offers fourteen Products as follows:1. Air and Environment Studies cost is $57.00. 2. Breeding Studies cost is $47.00. 3. Chemistry Studies cost is $67.00. 4. Grow Rooms and Greenhouses Studies cost is $27.00. 5. Harvesting Studies cost is $37.00. 6. Hydroponics Gardening Studies cost is $57.00. 7. Light, Lamps, and Electricity Studies cost is $97.00. 8. Making Medicine Studies cost is 447.00. 9. Outdoor Growing Studies cost is $47.00. 10. Pests, Fungi, and Diseases cost is $47.00. 11. Seeds and Seedlings Studies cost is $27.00. 12. Soil and Containers Studies cost is $47.00. 13. Vegetative Growth Studies cost is $47.00. 14. Water and Nutrients Studies cost is $97.00.

Affiliate Program Available to Promote

Earn 40% commission with a 365-day cookie. Promote with links and tools. Promote as bloggers, website, e-mail campaigns, social media, where allowed.

Affiliates have a Dashboard available to get statistics in real time… Unlimited creatives…referral link generator.

Commission continues at 40% as long as referral remains a customer.



If you may be interested in other affiliate programs in the cannabis industry other than CBD oils you can read the article Best CBD Affiliate Programs-Review. Also this cannabis industry is one of the areas that the future looks really good into 2020 and beyond. If you want to check out the article I have available that discusses the great future in 2020 for affiliate marketers. Future of Affiliate Marketing 2020 brings great opportunity.


In my first article that I wrote with Green CulturED in it with other CBD affiliate programs I rated the program a 4.5 out of 5. Upon further review which is why I wrote this article I have since believe if an Affiliate gets behind this program and publishes as best he or she can I believe this program will deserve a better rating. I do recommend this program for the real opportunity to do well with the partnership. So my rating is going up to a4.8 out of a possible 5.0

Tell me if you think I’m Crazy

I Would Love to Hear What You Think??

Timothy Hibner


  1. The last decade was one with great changes. We finally accepted how well cannabis could do to humanity; we realized how seriously Millenials can play with their toy-money (Crypto-Currencies) among some other things. The morale is constant> Change is here creating and disrupting entire industries. Are you keeping ahead?

    This is a great opportunity to take place on this train (that won’t wait for anyone to aboard). Thanks a lot for this important recommendation.

  2. With the evolvement of the world, a lot of new developments kept on surfacing of which, cbd has grown into receiving general acceptance. It is no more a thing of joke but definitely the future of everything else that involces medicine. Thanks for expatiating on this and I truly love it. Thumbs up to you

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and informative article with us.
    This program is really appreciative. As well as impressive your rate. I think this program is so helpful for getting effective knowledge of cannabis and promoting. I think It will helpful for the affiliate marketer. I am humbly requesting to you for providing more information about the commission.

  4. The most recent decade was unified with extraordinary changes. We at last acknowledged how well cannabis could do to mankind; we understood how truly Millenials can play with their toy-cash (Crypto-Currencies) among some different things. The resolve is steady Change is here making and upsetting whole businesses. It is safe to say that you are keeping ahead?

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