Gearbest Internet Marketing on-line Program Review

This is going to be an in depth Gearbest Internet Marketing on-line Program Review covering everything from sign -up to a bit of history of this affiliate program.


Gearbest Who Are They?

Founded: 2014 as a global on line electronics store

Products: Strategic Brand

Website: Gearbest, com

Company: Gearbest

Strategic Brand Of: Globalgrow


Gearbest Offers

>  Quality

>  Affordable Prices

>  Various Brands

>  Convenient Exprees Delivery

>  Global Warehouse

>  Payment Security

>  Worry Free Purchase

Next section will cover in depth each of the offers.


Each Gearbest Offers

> Quality has been the company’s mission since it began in 2014. They are a Strategic Brand of renowned Chinese cross-border enterprise Globalgrow, is backed by abundant funds and resources.

Suppliers are managed through a professional rating system so Gearbest selects top suppliers that optimizes the procurement quality they are seeking. They seek procurement of quality as they maintain very comprehensive categories,

Gearbest uses CITST to qualify. It stands for Check…. Inspect…. Test….. Spot-check …. Track….

>  Affordable pricing is a direct procurement by Globalgrow’s premium supply chain and their self-built supplier repository. Gearbest is able to provide very cost effective products with global users giving them the ability to be independent in their pricing structure.

>  Various brands; working with over 5,000 Chinese famous brands and digital suppliers including 1,000 brands the likes of Xiami , Lenovo, Huawei……Gearbest has currently over 1 million stock keeping units on line. With more than a 1,000 new arrivals per day….that gives you plenty of shopping options.

>  Convenient express delivery is provided on a Global Delivery network. Gearbest works with DHL…EMS…. FedEx…that provides delivery covering over 200 countries and regions. This allows for most items to be delivered free door-to-door.

>  Currently housing 46 warehouses Worldwide Gearbest can give 1-2 days delivery. The warehouses are in USA, Spain, England. Poland. Czech Republic……and many more.

>  Payment security is provided by over 40 global payment methods such as PayPal, Visa. Master Card. Wire-transfer….SBerBank, giropay, Yandex, iDeal WebMoney, and OXXO…..plus have Multi-Currency transactions…

Giving secure payments on a local and Worldwide basis,

>  Worry free purchases are provided with their 30 day no reason return policy. Their 45 days guarantee for quality problems and thy offer a one-year Warranty free repair service.

The above mentioned categories puts Gearbest in great positioning for anyone wants to partner with them as a Gearbest associate.



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Gearbest Associate Program

Gearbest associates can earn up to 50% commissions and free Excelsior products. It’s very easy to apply. You start with 100% free sign up ….click sign up and start earning.

Payouts within categories the % varies.

Automobile and Motor cycle products up to 9%………………Watches and Jewelry up to 12%

Toys and Hobbies up to 9%………………………….Health and Beauty up to 12%…

Office and SchoolSupplies up to 9%…………………….Apparel Bags and Shoes up to 12%

Apple Acc LED Lights and Flashlights up to 9%……..Outdoors and Sports up to 9%

Electrical and Tools up to 9%……… Mobile Phones Tablets and PC&Accs; up to 9%

Consumer Electronics Computers and Networking up to 9% …………Baby Kids Home and Garden up to 9%

Associates can choose from 110,000 Hot Products to advertise to their customers.

If you’ve got a blog, a website, a large social following, or a media presence then this associate program can work for you. You will be able to monetize your traffic with tracking links provided.

A 30-day cookie is provided. It applies to any items purchased not just the link you advertised.

You can earn up to 12% on products as listed in the categories above. Associates receive a weekly payout once minimum is reached, with multiple ways to have money withdrawn.


Tools Offered for Associate Program Members

There are a wide arrange of tools offered. Wide variety of promotional banners, link generating tools. Product catalogs.that include Hot Deals, New Arrivals, High Commission Products…… and there are timely reports available.

If a customer clicks same item from two different associates the sale if generated gets awarded to the second associate as theirs was the last click used by the customer.





Gearbest Questions Answered

Where can I link?

>   Online chat programs you are able to send links directly to your friends while on line.

>  Personal blogs, you can publish a link banner that is related to the subject of your blog.

>  Forums you can place products that relate to your guest.

>   Website, start your own shopping guide where you can recommend products which could include links and banners.

>   Social media can recommend Gearbest to followers and colleagues that may be interested in products that are available. You can share banners, and links through e-mail ….. Facebook and other social media,

How to I promote the program?

> You can promote through the same formats as the links,

How much can I earn for sign-ups to associate program?

>  Based on your earnings level

>  $5 if below $200 in sales

>  $20 if you have earned over $200


Based on the research and the many available items and forums to publish this associate program I would highly recommend. I would rate Gearbest 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 only because I.m not sure of the consumer being as aware as they should be about the great buys and quality of the merchandise that is being provided.

What are your thoughts?

Have any questions?

Leave comments and questions below

Hope this has been informative and helpful


Timothy Hibner


  1. Hello Tim, Thanks for reviewing gearbest. Gearbest is a shopping platform with their own Associate Program like Amazon associate. I have checked many reviews it is in growing phase. It Associate program is awesome as I see. I will join gearbest associate program to earn some revenue from selling. Thanks for your review.


  2. When I first started affiliate marketing, I didn’t know how to choose an affiliate program, so that I studied for a long time. I recently launched a new niche website and am just looking for an affiliate program. I am going to try the Gearbest affiliate program you introduced because your post has saved me a lot of time to research it.
    Finally, thank you for taking the time to review the Gearbest Internet Marketing on-line Program

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