Future of Affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity


Let’s take a look ahead….. Future of Affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity we will discover why I believe it does!

Sales On-Line 2018

On line sales in 2018 were 513.6 billion up 14% from 2017 to 449.9 billion. It is estimated that sales in 2019 will be up over 20.% for on-line sales. Total retail sales in 2018 were 3.63 trillion

Sales for Black Friday 2019 just in: on line sales were 7.4 billion up 20% over 2018…. 2.9 billion was done from a smart phone or 17%…… Thursday’s sales on line were 4.2 billion up 14.5% over 2018 with over half the on line business for Thursday was done on smart phones.

Projections are that 15.1% of those on=line sales came from affiliate marketers.

Total retail sales were 2.93 trillion in 2018, The commerce department projects 2019 to be 3.63 trillion. On line sales accounted in 2018 for 8.8% of the total retail sales.


What the Marketing Industry Thinks



Here are some quotes from industry insiders….. and what they think the future holds for Affiliate Marketers.

“….the affiliate marketing industry is growing and coming out of the shadows…” Yonaton Dotan

” …as marketing departments target more touch-points and analytic s platforms provide more visibility into multi-touch attribution, affiliate advertisers will rethink their affiliate commission models and offer more variable commissions based on the weight of arbitration….” David Vogelpohl V.P. of Web Strategy

Zac Johnson, Founder of Blogging.org …..said this …” Affiliate marketing is always going to be here and it’s going to make money as long as you continue to focus the value provided and user experience.”

What US Commerce Department Sees

This chart from US Commerce dept gives a projection of sales estimates through 2023……


They are looking for a steady increase over the next five years if you include 2019….very positive outlook for anyone in the e-commerce industry.

Some Projections for 2020

There are many Companies that have already fallen and are no longer here because they have not focused on Affiliate Marketing…and there will many more that will be bankrupt and not here in 2020.

From the Founders of Wealthy Affiliates…..” The fundamental business model of affiliate marketing has remained the same, You have an affiliate [publisher], you have a merchant [advertiser], and a customer. Role of an affiliate marketer is to connect a customer with a product/service often times a product/service they are already seeking to purchase.”

Future of affiliate marketing will continue to grow in 2020 . One of the fastest growing sectors is the cannabis market, check out this latest article on best affiliate programs in the cannabis industry not including CBD .. Best CBD Affiliate Programs-Review  


What Some Top CEO’S Think



Former Niki CEO Mark Parker said this about new CEO John Donahue former CEO OF E-bay…..”…. His expertise in digital commerce technology. Global strategy and leadership will be critical….”

Walmart CEO Doug McMillion says….” We need to translate this repetitive food and consumables volume into a stronger Walmart.com business that’s profitable over time.”

Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said this.” But there is no doubt e-commerce and e-commerce through a mobile environment is the future of our company.”

In my article AWIN Affiliate Review the global affiliate network...the following quotes were in AWIN report.

Proctor and Gamble CMO said this.,.”Five Words neatly en capsules the power of Publishers to partner with brands through the medium of Affiliate Marketers.”

Jeff Bezos of Amazon ….. said this.. “When everyone is focusing on what is changing I focus on what won’t change; I focus on what won’t change and build a business around it.”

With this very positive outlook for affiliate marketing from all these Corporate leaders in the retail industry.


Tim’s Conclusion



Why all the brilliant lights? That’s easy I’m excited for affiliate marketing s future. I believe it is brighter than ever. As the consumer continues to go to the on line market to purchase their items and services the need for the merchant to connect with that individual creates a great opportunity for affiliate marketers that bring value and provide a solution for their followers will create a trust that will allow the merchants to be able to have their items marketed through that affiliate,

Here’s my question for you read this article


Look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Thanks   JUST IN……CYBER Monday 2019    9.4.2 billion over 7.9 billion in 2018 ……WOW!     WOW!


Timothy Hibner


  1. Tim, 

    VERY well put.  Brick and Mortar stores will still be around in the future BUT as can be seen in the rapid growth of the internet a large portion of their sales will be online.  Their greatest sales force will be the affiliate marketer who reviews and introduces the customers to their products.  Bill Gates in the 1990s, with great foresight, stated that the internet would be the wave of the future.  

    From the government’s sales prediction chart sales for 2018 were $501 012(million) and predicted to be $547 690(million) in 2019.  That is a 9.3% increase.  The actual sales are 2019 exceeded the government’s prediction.  This trend makes it even greater for those that become affiliate marketers.  2020 will be another record-breaking outstanding year.

  2. Affiliate marketing has never ceased to amaze me in a very great way. It’s true that it has grown overtime and there’s been a lot of figures raked from it, the analysis you did about the past achievement of Affiliate marketing is interesting and very understandable. The future of Affiliate marketing in 2020 is going to be good and earn marketers a lot of money. Thanks

  3. I must say you’ve done an excellent job here by explaining how Affiliate marketing has been making a lot of work from the market and what possibilities are to be expected in the coming year. I joined the clique of affiliate marketers not long ago and trust me it’s been great and profitable since then. I’ll like to recommend Affiliate marketing to those who are yet to be a part of it, there’s a lot of opportunity to come in 2020, they should be a part of it.

  4. Online business world is expanding overtime and the last couple of years have seen people leave their day job to work fully online, affiliate marketing is a ruler in the category beat online businesses to do at home. As a stay at home mom, I’ve been into Affiliate marketing for  sometime now, the business is really lucrative because of people’s engagement online. The breakdown is lovely, easy to grab and understand, thank you for post this information, it is useful.

  5. Thanks for this post on how affiliate marketing in 2020 brings great opportunity to many, yeah over the times have been on the marketing scheme, the way people relate and trade are very productive so I won’t be amazed.if 2020 is anyway better than any other years because affiliate marketing has really been a lifesaver for many in 2019, maybe people don’t drop their job for working online , thanks for this survey on how affiliate marketing ll be in the coming year.

  6. The future has not looked so bright for affiliate marketing since only God knows when. This time around, anyone still doubting affiliate marketing should probably just forego everything else because affiliate marketing is coming bigger, better and best in 2020. I love the comparison with past achievements and surely, we can only trudge onward.

  7. Going by the future we are looking at in 2020 for affiliate marketing, we can only hope for the better days ahead. It is in truth that we cannot eradicate normal brick building stores but then, there services would be very reduced, only needs for necessity would warrant them. This is a good one and since I have joined affiliate marketing too, i t has been is promising preposition

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