Fivver Affiliate Marketing Program-review

fiver-logo We will look at Fiverr Affiliate Program-review covering some History. Program features…….the good and the bad…….and recommendations.

Who is Fiverr?

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Website: fiverr.com

Owner: Fiverr International Limited


Founders: Micha Kaufman Shai Winingerfiver-headquarters

How to become a Fiverr Affiliate?

To become an affiliate you need to complete a sign up form, telling as much information as needed, then once submitted …next is approval or denial.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Features

>  Free Sign Up

>  Anyone can Become an Affiliate

>  Promote All Programs

>  Ways to Promote

>  Worldwide

>  Commissions

>  12 Month Cookie

>  Max Earnings

>  Resources

>  Support

The next section we will cover more in depth the features.

Fiverr Features a More In Depth Look


>  Fiverr Affiliate program is free to sign up. Anyone can apply.

>  Doesn’t matter who you are or who your target audiences is a perfect fit for you as Fiverr has services to fit their needs.Fiverr is the largest,most affordable Worldwide marketplace of on line freelancers. There are over one million different services offered…….design…..programming….writing ….and much more…..

>  As an affiliate you will be able to promote all of Fiverr’s available programs….Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn from Fiverr, and CO If you want to promote a specific seller or a Fiverr service you can. If your targeted audience is interested in learning new skills the ideal program to promote is from Learn for Fiverr. Maybe your audience may be more interested in AND CO. features you can promote that. You are able to create links to a single page if you want to do that.

>  You can promote Fiverr on many platforms…blogs, websites, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, e-mails, Podcasts and any other platform .

>  Fiverr is a worldwide company with over 160 different countries available to promote in.

>  Commissions as an affiliate you can earn maximum earnings…..ever first time buyer and no referral limit. You get paid directly into your bank account, Pay/Pal or Payover. Once you reach a $100.00 you get paid… if at the end of that pay period you haven’t reached your threshold payment it gets forwarded as a balance due toward the next month’s payout. You can earn up to $150.00 for every first time buyer. Fiverr services you earn. between $15.00 to $50.00 depending on what category your buyer purchase from. Earn $50.00 for Whiteboard and Animation explainers…..Website Builders and CMS programming and tech…..E commerce programming and tech support…. Game Development …gaming. Earn $40.00 for Word press ..programming and tech support. Lyric and Music Videos… video and animation. 3D Models and Product Design..graphics and design. Presentation Design..graphics and design. $30.00 Web and Mobile Design..graphics and design. Data Analysis and Reports..programming and tech. Mobile Apps and Reports..programming and tech. Spokespersons Videos..video and animation. Slideshow and Promotional Videos..video and animation. Research and Summaries..writing and translation. Business Copywriting…writing and translation. Earn $25.00 for Articles and Blog Posts..writing and translation. Creative Writing….writing and translation. Translation…writing and translation. Voice Over…music and audio. Illustration…graphics and design. Building Services… business. Earn $15.00 in all other categories.

>  Each referral click has a 12-month cookie. You can get paid on a link referall. Learn from Fiverr offers sellers, ability to learn more and earn more.

>  Max earnings there is no limit.

>  Resources you have available are many as you get customized shareable links plus a variety of very effective marketing tools. All you have to do is place the links anywhere on line and refer the traffic to your choice of any Fiverr page that best fits the traffic you are promoting to your audience. There is access to professional support and tutorials and as an affiliate you have your own dedicated affiliate Manager to assist you as you become a Fiverr affiliate. You have an easy to use dashboard that allows you to manage and launch your campaigns, track your traffic…..there is customized reports and statistics and your payout schedule. Your able to access your marketing tools, copy links, get banners, ,,,,,etc.

>  Support is available to you through an affiliate Manger and tutorials to teach ….you have access to everything store which offers 300 categories of Digital Service. You have four sub-stores Website and Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, AND Facebook.


Who can Promote Fiverr?

Program can be promoted on websites, by bloggers. Anyone with strong social media Facebook… Instagram…Pinterest…Twitter …e-mail…..or any other social program. There are many programs to promote from $15.00 standard to $1000.00 for Pro services. You are able to have traffic from any device mobile web, or from app. Fiverr accepts all of them. You are able to promote everything from marketing to design for any market audience. Just recently launched Fiverr’s real estate industry store.




Recommendations for Fiverr as an Affiliate Program

Based on the research Fiverr can be a definite asset to your affiliate marketing strategies. Click the link above and get started. Out of a Rating of 1 to 5 I giver Fiverr a rating of 4.7.

Tell me what you think


Timothy Hibner


  1. I must say this is a very nice and interesting article it’s also very informative and I know it would be of great use to the public as it has been of help to me.u have used fivver for some time and to me they have the best user interface design and their amount of products is infinite and they also have the fastest possible payout and pay out options are vast.but I would like to ask.why are they limited to some countries?

  2. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for giving your time to write fiver review. Fiverr is the awesome affiliate program. Each referral click has a 12-month cookie. It is really grate. There is not max earning limit. Support is available to you through an affiliate Manger and tutorials to teach ….you have access to everything store which offers 300 categories of Digital Service.

    I am earning a good income from Fiverr.

    Thank you


  3. I have a friend who works with Fiverr but not as an affiliate. He writes for those who bring in jobs. The way you have explained how this affiliate business works I good. I didn’t know that the company was formed in 2010. I like that they allow a very large amount of countries join in what they do. I would like to give this a shot because of the good commission available. Thanks.

  4. Your article is very informative and useful. I have  been using diverge from the past three years but didn’t know about diverge affiliate program. It’s features are quite good as it has 12 month cookie , resources, high commission  , world wide promotion using different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, linked in and using other platforms.There are So many Programs or services available to promote .

    I will give fiverre  4.7 out of 5.00.

    Well Thanks for sharing diverge affiliate marketing review!

  5. Thanks for sharing the details about Fivver Affiliate marketing program, i like the features that it has and how it operates. I’ve been a part of several Affiliate marketing programs and I know that most of them aren’t as good as they claim to be, considering tye information that you have here, i believe Fivver is good, especially the part of having no referral limits and a clarified payment means.

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