Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Who is Clickfunnels

A platform developed by Russell Brunson and David Dickerson that helps people to develop and use web page building on line to funnel customers to a particular page or website or offer,

Brief History Of Clickfunnels

Founders: Todd Dickerson…. Russell Brunson

Founded: 2014

Head Quarters: Boise, Idaho 2016 Eagle, Idaho

Was created for people who were not programmers or how to make code….. so that they could easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel in order to grow there business.


Features of Clickfunnels Affiliate Program


Sticky Links

Many Tools

Dasboard to Track

Branded Product

Affiliate Training

In the following section we will break down each of these features more in depth.

In Depth of Features

Commissions as an affiliate you earn 40% commission for every sale of Clickfunnels and it is recurring commissions. The basic program for Clickfunnels is $97 a month which breaks out for you to earn $38.80 per referral. You as an affiliate also earn an additional 40% for sales of related items such as Funnel Scripts or Funnel University, even Russell Brunson Books DotComSecrets and ExpertSecrets. Clickfunnels also has a bonus In this bonus plan as an affiliate if you sign up 100 paying customers as Clickfunnels clients they will give you an additional $500 a month toward the lease or purchase of your dream car.

Sticky cookie links as they are called. The cookie is designed to credit you for sales. When your link is clicked by a customer, that link gets attached to that customer no matter what funnel they go to any purchases made you get credit for it. For instance let’s say you promote one of the books and your client buys it and after reading decides to buy the Clickfunnel Pro plan at $97 you get $38.80 and if your client gets really excited and decides to buy into the Clickfunnels Etison Suite Plan at $297 you would earn an additional $118.80.

Many tools are available for you. As an affiliate You can use to construct landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, membership sites and every type of funnel you can imagine complete with order bumps, up sells and down sells.

You also have access as an affiliate to your Affiliate Dashboard. If you buy into the $297 plan you ‘ll get backpack as a part of your dashboard.

Clickfunnels is a branded product that you don’t have to work at getting your viewers or customers to know who or what they are.

Affiliate training is available and they do offer Affiliate Bootcamp which is available at additional costs.


The Good and The Bad

The Good

Develop funnels relatively easy

Spli testing and conversion tracking available.

Free 14 Day Trial

E-mail integration with every major e-mail auto-responder system.

Clickfunnels is constantly adapting

The Bad

Not a low cost option as they continually call for a subscription to utilize.

Assistance is not the fastest may take upwards of 24 hours before reply.

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Who is Clickfunnels For?


Clickfunnels is for any entrepreneur who is not a tech savvy individual who wants to be able to build an on line marketing business and use many avenues to produce leads or get customers to landing pages or funnel individuals to there offers. Clickfunnels has three different plans available and they are all with a 14 day free trial period. There is the Pro plan which cost $97 a month. Then there is there Etison Suite Plan which is $297 a month or they offer there Annual Clickfunnels Pricing Plan at $997 a year. They also have plans available that are not as highly promoted or advertised.

They have a $9 a month plan that is called Account Hold Clickfunnels Pricing Plan which won’t let you do much ….your sub domains and funnels are reserved but you can’t tweak or edit. $19 a month Share Funnel Clickfunnels Pricing Plan saves a huge dollar a month from the $97 Pro plan if your looking to just experiment with Clickfunnels before you commit to the Pro Plan. $37 a month Personal Clickfunnels Pricing Plan where you can build up to five funnels, twenty pages, and can obtain 5,000 page visits then you reach your limit and it asks you to upgrade pricing plans. They also have a $67 a month offering Bootstrap Clickfunnels Pricing Plan which gets you the ability to build up to ten sales funnels, fifty pages…allowing you to obtain 10,000 page visits before it asks that you upgrade to a higher pricing plan.

So you can see there are many plans available to just about anyone in the on line marketing field wanting to increase there business but aren’t tech savvy enough to do it from scratch. So if your looking to building profitable sales funnels Clickfunnels may be the answer you are looking for.

People who are Agency/freelancer’s have used Clickfunnels…. Business to Business entrepreneurs use Clickfunnels…. Non-profit organizations use Clickfunnels….. Bloggers use Clickfunnels….. Affiliate Marketers use Clickfunnels…… Sellers of informational products use Clickfunnels…..E commerce individuals and Companies use Clickfunnels….. Coaches use Clickfunnels…… Consultants use Clickfunnels ….and I am sure there are many others who have or are using Clickfunnels in there world.

Clickfunnels gives you simple drag and drop web page editor…..allows you to build sales funnels that convert…..can have shopping cart with 1 click up sells….can have e-mail and Facebook marketing automated….everything in one dashboard…. Can generate leads…..sell products digital or drop and ship…..create follow-up funnels….

Any plan in Clickfunnels the person in that plan can automatically be an affiliate. All affiliate are encouraged to buy into a plan.


Being a Branded product Clickfunnels Affiliate Program has some advantages. The biggest downside that I see as a bad practice is the constant cost of upgrading as you go through the program. As an affiliate marketer myself I see that it has merit and could work really well for some. Being newer to affiliate marketing I am just a little Leary of starting in there program and finding myself going broke for all the upgrades and additional costs per month. So out of a possible 5 rating I am only giving the overall program a 4.0 rating at this time. In the future I may feel a bit differently but for now that’s how I see it……

Looking Forward to What Do You Think????

Would really like to hear from some affiliates in this program and there good or bad… your comment are very welcomed.


Timothy Hibner

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