ClickBank Affiliate Commission How Much Can be Made?

Have you ever wondered how much money affiliates can make. Let us check out ClickBank AFFILIATE commission how much can be made? I have often wondered myself so we are going to take an inside look at some CLICKBANK offeringsclickbank-banner.

How do you become a ClickBank Affiliate?

First go to Click Bank.com and go to sign-up

There follow the instruction process. It is a four step process with each process thoroughly explained in the sign up area.

> Sign up process

> Completing Profile

> Creating an Account

> Update payment Information

What are the Best Products at ClickBank to Market?

The offerings at ClickBank are immense. There is an area in the Affiliates account that offers a marketplace. There is drop down list of over 20 different categories to choose from. Just to name a few to give you a flavor of what available I’ll name a few….. education, as seen on TV, cooking, and languages with like I said over twenty categories shown.

Once you decide on the categories you wish to promote you click on that category and another drop down box will give you subheadings to choose from. As an example the category of education once you click it will list six different subcategories one example is K-12. That will open up to the available company offers and the product or service offers to promote.

Once the affiliate chooses the offer he or she wishes to promote. They will be able to get a promotional link that they can copy and paste to the choice of promotion the are using in the campaign. ClickBank lingo calls this a HopLink.

Once the customer clicks on that HopLink and purchases the product or service the affiliate that placed that HopLink gets a percentage of the sale. The HopLink is specific to the affiliates account name and tracked by ClickBank. Some % paid are upwards of 50% in some cases and higher even on other offers. The digital products seem to pay the highest percentages.

ClickBank has had affiliates receive four figure income a month and some over six figures per month. Potential income with ClickBank is very visible. As with all the affiliate marketers I’ve researched they all have disclaimers when devulging income possibilities so I’ll do the same. The dollar amounts stated may not work for everyone…. I’ll also in this article have Logo pictures of ClickBank and I’ve placed a trademark disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.

ClickBank University Offersclick-bank-university-banner

ClickBank has an extensive training program available.After you get accepted there is a video tutorial explaining the training it ‘s called ClickBank University. An affiliate can even promote it as a HopLink for customer to take advantage of the different courses they offer. The affiliate can also choose the courses he or she wish to purchase.

Should I Become an Affiliate with ClickBank?

With the multitude of different companies and the myriad of categories and sub-categories to promote. That question of should I become an Affiliate with ClickBank is a no brainier, even though the majority of the training is not included with signing up it still is a no brainier. There is so much opportunity. ClickBank is very well-known in the industry and has a strong presence. They have according to Wikipedia more than six million clients WorldWide. Not bad I’d say …. WOW!

What is ClickBank?

Click Bank is an affiliate marketing retailer program. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The Company has more than six million clients worldwide which, according to Wikipedia , secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet Retailer in North A America.

CEO:Kelly Householder

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho

Founded: 1998

CFO: Ryan Vestal

Parent Organization: Keynetics. Inc.

Trademark Disclaimerclickbank-banner

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

My Personal Thoughts

ClinkBank in my opinion after the extensive research conclude that here is a real solid opportunity for someone wants to become an affiliate marketer. In an overall rating of 5 being the best I;ll assign they rank p in the top 4.9…. the cost of the training programs are the only reason I rate them not a perfect 5. While I enjoy researching all these amazing opportunities I would love to hearing what you think and what other areas you’d like more information.

Looking forward to hearing and will try to get answers to any thoughts or questions.



Timothy Hibner


  1. Good post! Looking for Affiliate Marketing I came to your article and I could understand a little more about clickbank. I have also heard a lot about this program.

    But my question is whether it is a program that teaches us to do affiliate marketing or are they just products to promote?

    I am also interested in knowing a little more about how we can generate traffic for these links? Is Clickbank taught this?

    I think it’s a good program, and I see that the company is one of the oldest and most reliable I’ve seen. I’m going to take a deeper look to understand a little more. But your review gave me more confidence to enter the program.

    Thank you

    • Paul ClickBank  does have tutorials available. It’s a part of their ClickBank University. Within their University they do offer teaching on how to generate traffic for the links. There is a cost to their  program.

      This should answer your questions. Thank You for the interest.


  2. I’ve heard good things about clickbank, but I’ve also always been very skeptical about these online money making schemes. You say that some affiliates make four figures a month, and even some over 6 figures??? How common is that? And how long before you are able to make that kind of money? Thank you for the help! 

    • I don’t know how common , but in the welcome video  that invites you to join the ClickBank University .. Justin Atland.. covers the opportunity … from a few hundred to seven figures.. how common.. like anything it takes time and effort .. I’m sure ClickBank is no different ..

      Not sure if that answers .. thanks for your interest .. 


  3. Your post has clarified a lot of things for me concerning clickbank and thanks for that. Though I was a little familiar with the name, clickbank and a little about the way they operate as being an affiliate market. However, I feel that the university has a lot more to offer as they will help in providing  a lot more information as to the operations if cluckbanks
    also, I would like to seek clarification because I heard that the quality of products on clickbank are usually not worth it and in most cases, filled with scams. Is this true?

    • I believe the ClickBank University is geared to strictly the training of marketing the products of the companies they partner with. Justin Atlund was one of their most productive affiliate marketer and now teaches others how. As far as the products being scams… the size and mass amounts of products they offer .. could some be that … I would believe that if found to be that ClickBank wouldn’t knowingly promote that type of product to their affiliates.. As an affiliate marketer as a whole they have a pretty rebuttable reputation within this part of the e-commerce world.. there will always be critics …. but my assessment I’d recommend them as a viable means to anyone interested in pursuing an affiliate marketing career. 
      Rodarrick Thanks for your concerns .


  4. Yeah this is a nice page everyone will really wanna be on,its very easy to operate  and trust me it’s really a life saver,like you said the only problem is with the cost to start with which is very affordable  to a working class,I really love the site it saves me and my family from Bill’s thanks alot for this post I really appreciate  it 

  5. Hello Tim, it’s very nice to meet you again and I must say that I have never thought that I would be looking into anything about clickbank because whenever I read reviews about some very Sammy products, I see that they are all from clickbank which makes me skeptical about it. I see that you mentioned though that one can make as much as a four to five figure earning per month which is great. Is there a threshold to be met before one can get paid?

    • Henderson . Yes there is a threshold it is predetermined by the amount of money you must have in your account. You select the amount from $10.00 to $1,000,000 as payment threshold. ClickBank has a default setting of $100.00. They require a min of $50.00 for wires. 
      I hope this answers you question 

      If you need more I’ll try to get answer for you 



  6. I see that you have given some very vivid information of what I consider as one of the biggest marketplace for digital products. I am not yet an affiliate with any programme there but I would like to give the training a try first and like you have said, the price to join is a little bit of a downside. I am sure that I will be making a whole lot of money from the different commissions on the platform. I heard that there are programmes with commissions as high as 70%. How true is this?

    • Yes some offers to affiliates go that high … I’ve heard that it is common with a lot of the digital products offered… it all depends on the company offers and each is done separately and tracked separately. 
      thanks for asking.. 


  7. The rating you have given is as convincing as the article you have here about Clickbank. Affiliate marketing is a fine means of having a good income online today and Clickbank being a place where affiliate can make money is indeed a nice platform. I don’t doubt the credibility of click bank at all, but i have read that its difficult for beginners in affiliate marketing get along with it, how true is that?

    • Benson like everything there is a learning curve.. ClickBank University for beginners I’d highly recommend … it’s better to learn from somebody that has actually done what they teach. ClickBank University offers just that those doing the teaching are people who have done what they teach. I wish you well with your affiliate marketing journey.


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