Best New Affiliate Program 2020-Fameswap Affiliate

One of the best new affiliate program 2019-Fameswap Affiliate.we will take a look and see what it is they offer you. What you do to sign up. What is Fameswap affiliate program have to offer you.Fameswap is a marketplace to buy and sell Instagram Accounts YouTube Channels or Tiktok accounts.

How to sign up.

Program is brand new.Social Media Accounts for sale….. Social Media Accounts properties with followers and likes and subscribers… Go to Fameswap click affiliate program and sign up. Take filling out form and submitting. After you are approved as an Affiliate can start promoting your links.


2020 will bring great opportunities in the Affiliate Market Arena. Future of Affiliate Marketing -2020 brings great opportunity.

Features of Fameswap Affiliate Program.

> Premium offer available

> Seven Day Cookie

> Commission paid Through PayPal

> Live Account Statistics

> Comprehensive escrow service.


In Depth Look at Program Features

>Premium membership you pay $50.00 a month recurring fee. Can pay with credit or debit card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

>When referral clicks your affiliate link they will be linked to you for seven days. They sign up in that period you get any commissions earned. Can earn for a lifetime.

>Looking to have earned more than $20.00 you can contact office to request affiliate payout. Earn up to 30% of recurring monthly recurring $50.00 Premiums for your referrals. Earn 20% commissions on sales. Fameswap charges 10% and you make 20% of their charges.

>As a Premium you get Live Statistic…. each listing will give live stats of followers or subscribers, likes per post, comments on offer, engagement metrics, so you can filter accounts easily.

>Fameswap offers a comprehensive escrow service which allows buyers and sellers to exchange accounts and payments securely.


How Much Are Fameswap Affiliate Commissions.


Earn up to 30% of Fameswap Fees. Promote your affiliate links and earn 20% to 30% fees. If your referred link brings a user that subscribes to premium of $50.00 you earn $15.00 per month for the lifetime of the subscription. You earn 20% of the escrow fees from buyers you bring. Example if you bring a user who ends up buying an account for $1000.00 Fameswap fees are 10% or $100.00 you earn $20.00 as the affiliate who brought the buyer.


What is their Customer Base.

Fameswap have the largest base in over 50 countries. Media companies, large brands, influencers and market agencies that search Fameswap daily for their next purchases. Instagram Accounts.... Tictok Accounts……. YouTube Accounts.

You promote your clients to Fameswap on your websites, blogs, forums, any of your social media bios….. You don’t have to be a seller to promote…..


Premium Program Offers


Free Sign Up Offers



Recommendation of Fameswap Affiliate Program

This new affiliate program offer by Fameswap, I believe, is going to bring great opportunity for both the publishers and the merchants to connect to the buyers of the social media accounts that are on the market to sell. With strong promotions in your websites blogs etc…… this will be a definite WIN!!!!!

Faceswap has made a very good move in this industry to now include this affiliate program…. making it available for anyone to have fun in an exciting industry and earn money at the same time. I highly recommend you sign up start promoting and make the new decade starting in 2020 and make it your most exciting time on line.

I know I will…


What do you think????


Timothy Hibner


  1. I am always skeptical of these online money making schemes, though it does sound like Fameswap Affiliate is legit. Seems like you are just posting ads on your social media and such, so not too much work. How long can you use the free membership, and are you still able to make money using the free version or do you need to sign up for the premium program? Thank you for the help, I look forward to trying this out!

    • You can get paid for bringing on new affiliates and if you are at a premium level you can get paid for both.


  2. Thanks a lot for this review post: This is a very good opportunity, not only to promote FameSwap but to become a loyal customer xD. Video is key these days. Having a well known already establish channel related to your blog is definitely a great idea.

    Having a recurring monthly commission is one of the best ways to build wealth. Having 5 stars on trust pilot os a fair indicator of how serious this business is.

  3. i must say that you have a very nice layout,thanks for this awesome article it would be of help to us all.over the years  the number of people that have entered into affiliate Marketing has increased dramatically and the introduction of more affiliate network has been undertaken by many companies and the fameswap affiliate is another legit one I have seen people use them and I would advise everyone to try it out.

  4. Hi people,
    Just to tell you how fraud I am so I hope it happens to anyone else looking at bill sales.
    I advertised my travel Instagram account . A site commonly used to sell / buy Instagram accounts. I found a buyer who was on the bill account. The buyer wanted to complete the transaction via escrow – which we both unfortunately assumed would be legal and reliable.
    According to escrow requests, the customer sent their money to an escrow member, and I sent my OG email and password to the escrow member (third party) as well as my Instagram username and password.
    Escrow third party member changed all passwords, email recovery and phone number and all. They then told the buyer that I was not a legitimate seller and that they had been sent incorrect information and that I had been cheated. Fight this last 2 weeks with your email provider and Instagram with no luck.
    The buyer also had issues with the site, and now they are just letting him use his money as a store loan. He is by my side and knows how cunning they are. We try our best to spread the knowledge of how naughty websites are.
    Please don’t buy anything from here. I lost a highly active account and lost almost $ 1300USD.
    Please spread the message about these bumps: (If anyone has any other place where they think this information would be useful, let us know. We want our answers to be high on the search engine when anyone else searches for a friend replacement to prevent this from happening happen to anyone else!

    • Kozakiv, Appreciate your comments and concerns. Sorry to hear you had this bad experience. When researching Fameswap I didn’t find any negative such as this. But I’ll gladly place it in my comments section for others to see. I’m sure you could express your concerns on any of the social media platforms to let people be aware of your circumstance. Again sorry for your dealings.


  5. Thanks for a great review, I’ve never heard of them before, but they seem pretty interesting.

    It seems they have a great payout, but do you have to meet a certain quota to get paid or do they pay monthly regardless of how many referrals you send their way.

    Fameswap seems pretty interesting. How does the connection between the buyer and seller work with social media accounts? The reason I ask is that I wonder who the middleman is?

    • That’s what Fameswap is is the middle man. They set up the meeting with the buyer and seller. As an affiliate you get paid when the transaction is completed.


  6. This article offers the freshest, hot out of the oven tips for 2020. Instagram new business features, action button, is a great way to convert.,that you can find on marketplace such as social tradia, fameswap. Regardly to affiliate programs what are the highest payments and which affiliate programs is the best?thanks 

  7. I really think that Fameswap does a great job by offering an affiliate program. The commission structure is not bad at all. I am an affiliate marketer for 2 years and I would like to give this program a try. I am glad it is a legit and trustworthy, also a 7-day cookie is awesome.

  8. I never knew that such a way of making money online existed; just simply creating Youtube or Instagram accounts and using a website such as Fameswap to sell them. And the icing on the cake is that they’ve got an affiliate program. That’s really cool.

    Affiliate programs are popping up everywhere now. Companies are really grasping the effectiveness and potential of affiliate marketing. 

    But I’m a little bit confused; do you earn from people using your affiliate link to purchase an account, or is it when they sign up for the premium membership?

    • You can earn money both ways.  As a premium member you get paid for both getting people to sign up as affiliates or getting referrals  to purchase. As non premium you only earn for signing new affiliates.

      Hope this clears it up

      Thanks for comments


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