Best CBD Affiliate Programs- Review

CBD is defined in Merriam-Webster as a nonintoxicating canabanoid found in cannabis and hemp. Wikipedia has CBD commonly refers to cannabidol,a cannabinoid found in cannabis. This article we will review some of the best CBD affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs associated with CBD oils. These will be more to do with the educational and seed affiliate programs. Review will cover the different features of each program. A brief history of each, commissions, sign ups, and the good and bad.


Seedsman Affiliate Program



Seedsman Founded: 2003

Headquartered: Barcelona, Spain

Product: cannabis seeds

As well as selling 1500 plus cannabis seeds, the company have established their own brand of seeds, having over 100 seedbanks worldwide. Their own include Feminised, Regular and Autoflowering cannabis strain. In 2007, they launched their Femminised cannabis seed range, which included popular strains such as Early Skunk, Original Skunk, White Widow cannabis and Power Plant.

Seedsman continued in 2011 expansion by releasing Auto flowering seed range, it was done as a joint effort with the Joint Doctor who is recognized as the father of Autoflowering cannabis. Then in 2016 the company released a high CBD seed collection, as the company recognized the potential of therapeutic Cannabidoil.

Seedman Affiliate Program Features

> Commission….Earn up to 20% commissions . Basic commission rate is 15%. If you as a publisher are successful at sending new clients we offer a maximum 20% rate.

> Discount codes. Offer incentive codes that can be applied for in the dashboard.

> 5% additional applied to sales of any affiliates sign up from your referral link.

> Payouts on the 20Th of the month for previous month sales. Paid through PayPal or bank wire as set up upon acceptance as an affiliate.

> Cookie time is 60 days from the time they click on your referral link.

> Not just for Websites….also Cannabis Social Clubs, Social Media, Bloggers, Cannabis activists, care givers, You Tubers, Writers and Forum Contributors.

> Dashboard gives statistics for real time.

> Sell Cannabis seeds, CBD Products, Drug Testing Kits, merchandise and Vaporizers.

> Direct Link URLs

> Banners and media .

> Product feeds and give away Promotions

The Good

> Commission

> More Than Seeds to Promote

> Paid by Your choice of PayPal OR Bank Wire

The Bad

> Have to have a passport

> Must have a website

This is a very good affiliate program if you’re promoting in this niche or health niche. Rate it a 4.7 out of 5.0


Green CulturED



Founded: 2012

Located: Denver, Colorado

Product: On-Line Training

Founder: Eric Erickson

Because the cannabis industry changes constantly Green CulyurED was created to answer and help train business owners and companies employees with better training options than were available. The company is an eLearning solution provider for the cannabis industry to solve their training needs. The programs are set to educate and certify those taking the courses.

Green CulturED Affiliate Program Features

> 40% Commission

> 365 Day Cookie

> Tools …. Dashboard…. Unlimited Creatives…Referral Link Generator

> Free Account to Promote

> Continued 40% as long as referrals remain customer

> Promote all Plans

The Good

> 40% commission

> 365 day cookie

> Tools Available

The Bad

> PayPal only

Great % commission and the fact that it is reoccurring as long as the client stays as a customer. Could lend to steady month to month earning potential. The rating for this program is 4.5 out of possible 5.0

Take a look at this article a in depth look at this eLearning opportunity. Green CulterED Affiliate Program-learning in the cannabis industry.


Another page to look at CTF Changing the Future Outcome





Founded: 2012

Founder: Co-founder…CEO .. Filup Ernest

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Acquired by: Hightide Inc. 2018

Accessories in the smoking industry all types of pipes and popular smoking bongs and pipes. Founded in Amsterdam and provide experienced staff to answer customer questions. Most customer nine out of ten repeat purchases.

Grasscity Affiliate Program Features

> multi level referral payouts

> 8% commission on all referrals

> Bonus Structure..

The bonuses are as follows:

affiliates that generate

> $2500 receive $50 bonus.

> $5000 receive $125 bonus.

> $10000 receive $300 bonus.

> $15000 receive $500 bonus.

> $20000 receive $750 bonus.

> Tools….. banners and coupon offers ….videos

> Referral link

> Paid on repeat customer purchases

The Good

> 2nd tier referral payout

> 8% on all purchases

The Bad

> Time to ship 10 days

Withe the cannabis industry expanding and being legalized in so many states this category of accessories is more than likely to increase in demand. As a result of that and a present solid interest in these types of products the rating on this affiliate program is 4.6 out of possible 5.0.



thc university-logo


Founded: 2012

Founder: Co-founder and CEO … Matt Jones

Product: eLearning courses

Headquartered: Denver, Colorado

The University has instructors with combined years in the cannabis industry of over 100 years of experience. Courses are translated in dozens of languages. We offer nine Certification Programs.

THCUniversity Affliate Program Features

> Earn $25.00 for each student signing up for any Professional accounts

> $50.00 Balance before payout

> Referral URL Generator

> Dashboard with real time statistics

> 3 to 6 months to complete course

The Good

> Commission on all courses

> Dashboard

> Class Prices from $49 to $449

The Bad

> Must have $50.00 min account balance for payout

> Fair Rating with Better Business Bureau

Because of the BBC rating and for new affiliate marketers having to have a minimum of $50.00 before payout the rating here is 4.3 out of 5.0.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion these are awesome affiliate programs in the cannabis industry and not nearly as competitive as the CBD oil portion of this industry. With the right promoting these could be very consistent earners on a month to month basis for the affiliates in this niche of the affiliate marketing industry. Be sure to read the article Future of Affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity This cannabis industry will be a big component of this future marketing opportunities for publishers as myself to really make a huge impact on e-commerce.

Look forward to any comments or thoughts you may have.


Timothy Hibner

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