Best Buy Affiliate Program review

The Best Buy Affiliate Program review

Let’s take a look at their program what’s good for you…does it fit …..the good the bad…. features of the The Best Buy program.

Features of The Best Buy Affiliate Program

> Earn Money

> Trusted Brand

> Custom Banners



>  The Best Buy APIs

>  E-mails With Weekly Specials

Next section we will take an in depth look at the features.

In Depth Look at The Best Buy Affiliate Features

>  Earn money through the commissions you earn for promoting their products and services

affiliate-category-rates Current % Payouts subject to change……..

Every time a visitor clicks on your content and makes a purchase of qualified items you make a commission. There is a one-day window for purchase to be made. One day cookie from the time of the click. The commission rates are also available in your dashboard once you are accepted as an affiliate.

>  You are working with a trusted brand. You don’t have to explain who The Best Buy is. You will be associating your site with the number one Consumer Electronics retailer in the World.

>  As an affiliate you will have access to custom banners of varying sizes to promote the products which fit best for you. The banners are updated weekly to keep you up with the latest specials. The banners are professionally created for you and at your fingertips. It’s easy to swap out offers each week for the current specials.

>  You also have access to The Best Buy APIs which provide you access to their catalog, ratings and reviews, their categories of data and store locations. The The Best Buy APIs give you access to full product information,includes pricing, availability of items, specifications, descriptions, images for nearly one million current and historical products. By you have access to these APIs you have the ability to create and innovate ways in which The Best Buy may never have thought of. You will be able to learn how to develop applications and earn commissions once you are in the The Best Buy Affiliate Program.

>  Another great asset feature is you as an affiliate will receive by e-mail Best Buys newsletter that will include their top offers and promotions for that week. You also as an affiliate receive notifications about 2 day and 3 day sales as they come up. You’ll get special announcements, and any holiday specials or holiday offers. As an affiliate you will also hear directly from The Best Buy team members to ensure that you as an affiliate are successful. The Best Buy values you as an affiliate and want a successful partnership.

The Good and The Bad

The Good

>  Brand Recognition

>  The Best Buy APIs

>  Access to Thousands of Products

The Bad

>  One Day Cookie

>  1% Commission on Some Products

How do I Sign Up?

It is easy you can sign up for the The Best Buy Affiliate Program through the partnership with Impact. Impact is an affiliate marketing company. The The Best Buy Program has technology that will allow to track your BestBUY, com sales and earn commissions on the BestBuy, com purchases that you generate through your links.

Brief History of The Best Buy

Founded: 1966

Founder: Richard M. Schulze

Type: Public

Traded: NYSE….S&P 500 Component

Industry: Retail

Headquarters: Richfield, Minnesota US bestbuy-headquarters

Key People: Executive Chairman. Hubert Joly…CEO. Corrie Barry… President COO … Mike Mohan

Products: Consumer electronics appliances

Website: bestbuy.com

The Best Buy was founded in 1966 under the name of Sound of Music in St. Paul Minnesota until 1983 renamed The Best Buy Co. Superstores in 1984 changed to The Best Buy Superstores. Company is currently headquarter in Richfield, Minnesota.

Who is The Best Buy Affiliate Program For?



This program is for you if you want to partner with a known brand that gives you instant credibility and access to thousands of items to promote in the retail industry. You promote any electronic items….this is a great program for you…..you promote appliances…. this is a great program for you…..you promote affiliate marketing this is for you.

If you are thinking of getting into affiliate marketing and your not sure read this article Work Affiliate Marketing-Your Dreams can be Achieved.


As an affiliate marketer and doing the research on The The Best Buy Affiliate Program I highly recommend anyone wants to get into affiliate marketing to join and utilize this program. The only real downside is the one-day cookie. Other than that I would give The Best Buy A affiliate program a 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 rating.

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