AWIN Affiliate Review-the global affiliate network

After, extensive research this article will be to cover AWIN affiliate REVIEW- the global affiliate network. AWIN is worldwide with over 100,000 publishers [affiliates] present;y has over 13,000 advertisers. We will discover who is AWIN? What does the program involve. Where ? And how to become an affiliate. History of Awin.awin-banner

Who is AWIN? History

Awin is a global affiliate network. It is made up of more than 100,000 publishers that are contributing. Awin has over 13,000 advertisers. Awin has 15 offices worldwide with over 1000 employees. Awin operates across telecommunication, travel, finance and of course retail.

Company: AWIN

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Parent Company: Axel Springer SE

Website : awin.com

Employees: 1000key-people-awin

Board: CEO> Mark Walters COO> Adam Ross CTO> Peter Loveday CFO> Virpy Richter

The parent company Axel Springer is a publishing company founded in 1946. Founded by Axel Springer and is traded on the FOB.SPR. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Alex Springer products include…..magazines, newspapers. Online portals and affiliate marketing.

Alex Springer is Owned by KKR which is a global American Investment Firm trading on the NYSE.KKR was founded in 1976.

Affiliate Program

Awin is a platform that brings publishers and advertisers together to promote the advertisers products and services and the publishers get paid by those advertisers when they bring a customer that makes a purchase. 2018 over 700 million was paid to publishers through this affiliate program. Awin has over 15,500 brands offered. Average new publishers is 200 a day.

Awin and the advertisers are looking for Bloggers, v loggers, mass media partners… that can promote their products. ……commissions are paid back to those who generate sales for these companies.

Once you have been approved you or I will have access to affiliate links that we can do reviews on or advertise on our blog pages if we are a blogger. It is very easy to join. You or I need a website we use and provide the URL within the application.

% of commissions vary with the advertiser. The product or service that is sold via your links. There is an $5.00 screening fee to process your application which is refunded once your application is approved.

During the account set-up process you’ll define where you’ll be promoting your products i.e. …which country…and what products or services best fits your website,

Once approved you or I will be able to see what advertisers are available for our promoting. We go to their company and get assigned a tracking link and we can start promoting their products that same day,awin-sign-up

It is easy to apply click the join our network above and get started.

Future of Affiliate Marketing with AWIN

Awin Market Insights a report they published in The Awin Report 2019. One of the opening statements was a quote not from one of their board members but by CMO of Proctor Gamble Marc Pritchard said this….”Five words neatly en capsules the power of publishers to partner with brands through the medium of Affiliate Marketing”. In the past twelve months over 17.000 new active publishers at AWIN.

Jeff Bezos said this… “When everyone is focusing on what is changing I focus on what won’t change; I focus on what won’t change and build a business around it. ” As a result of that thinking campaigns continue to offer compelling returns, We {AWIN} Are confident that brands will find solace in the channel.

With the estimated ROI of 16 to 1 and more than half of the on-line shoppers interacting with an affiliate service in the past six months. The business of Awin affiliate program in the industry we are in provides a connection with its consumers that is not only cheaper but it’s on all the time.global-networkand it is worldwide.Looks to me this is going to be the way that consumers and brands will meet each other,

What Products and Services

>  Finance and Insurance Partners.

AWIN has over 9000 affiliates that are promoting the finance sector which includes Finder, Business Insider and Fortune.

>  Fashion And Retail Partners.

AWIN works with over 65,000 affiliates that are promoting the retail and entertainment sectors which includes RewardStyle, Groupon and Buzzfeed.

>  Technology Partners,

AWIN has over 30,000 affiliates promoting within the technology sector, which includes the likes of Catera Commerce, Ebates and Gizmodo.

>  Travel Partners.

AWIN is presently working with in excess of 21,000 affiliates promoting inside the travel sector, which includes The Culture Trip, The Points Guy and Conde’Nast.

With this amount of affiliates active in each of these sectors AWIN is a force to be reckoned with. A very exciting place for us affiliates that choose to venture into the World of Affiliate Marketing.


AWIN is going to be a pretty exciting, for me and easy answer whether I recommend them as a platform to go to be an affiliate marketer. Yes indeed…… My rating is going to be a 4.8 as only training seems to be available but not overly promoted. If you are really interested in them as a place to apply …… I will for sure, SO I will see you on the inside…..

I Hope this has been informative.

Will love your comments and if any questions I’ll try to get an answer.


Timothy Hibner


  1. Hi Timothy

    Thank you for your review of Awin, an affiliate network that I am well aware of. It has affiliates with so many well known companies of household names that everybody is familiar with and so can relate to it very well. It is a good company to get into provided the advertisers used is numerous enough to generate enough  income in your niche. More advertisers will definitely mean more chances of review. I got to admit I find paying the initial fee a bit strange, as they return it once a sale is made. It makes you wonder why they do so. Guess they do so if you are genuine or not.

    It is good  to know about these affiliate networks exists and that they come recommend.

    Are you planning any more affiliate network reviews, as it is good to find out what is out there?



    • Yes before I do I want to spend enough time reviewing to give as unbiased a review as possible …there are so many to choose from so yes I will continue to research and post articles to my website.

      Thanks for your feedback 


  2. Because the affiliate network’s headquarters is based on Germany, are the vendors mostly European companies or do they accept companies from outside Europe like the United States? I’m interested in joining AWIN but I’d like to make sure that there’s a wide choices of products and vendors to promote just like those in Commission Junction and Clickbank.

    • Yes they operate in over 100 countries … available in US 

      You choose where you are going to market 


  3. This is tempting, I have not heard about Awin before this post .took my interest,

    I wonder why they want to charge 5 dollars? 
    i will check out this platform,and do some research too.do they have height ticket offers too?
    are you a member of awin affiliate?how did you find out about this platform?

    • I do reviews of platforms and company’s that offer affiliate programs… many I review I’ve become an affiliate with … I did become an AWIN affiliate after doing the review..

      As far as the $5 charge to register which is refunded once you are approved is to have only serious marketers apply … plus to offset some of the expense of paying someone to research and verify new a applicants.

      Thanks for your interest


  4. AWIN sounds like a platform that doesn’t work in the states. It will be very sad if I am right about this because they are also from Germany. I think I have seen the name somewhere online before. It is very good to see that they have been here for quite a while now. This shows how serious they have been in the affiliate game. So, to clarify, do they operate outside the European countries? Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Yes they operate in over 100 countries and operate in the US 

      Thanks for asking


  5. Hello, it is my first time of hearing about AWIN but it is a very good one that I will really like to give a try out considering the many different types of scams that are out there when it comes to becoming an affiliate. One thing that can make me want to get involved in this is the fact that there are many people who have joined and every day, people still rush in. I would be happy to know why there is a fee of $5 that will be returned.

    • I believe the fee is two-fold to separate the true affiliate marketers and also to offset some of their costs of people hired to review and verify  applicants. The fee is refunded when you are accepted as an affiliate.

      Thanks for asking 


  6. Thank you for this great review on Awin, Awin has been one of the greatest platforms I wanna be on, but then I don’t have the privilege because I don’t know more about it yet, but with this post, you have posted I really have a better view of it, i wanna ask how much will you use to register on it or is the registration free?thanks

  7. Well! It seems AWIN is offering a unique view to the way everything else is presented and I kind of like this. I like the offer they present as an affiliate program. However, I would love to know the chances of people outside Europe joining up with them since they have their headquarters situated in Germany(Europe) and to also be sure of the chances we have in getting most products we are familiar with in the things we can promote too. Thanks

    • They operate in over 100 countries including Australia , Canada, US,…..

      they list the countries that they are available in…..

      hope that helps


  8. This article is a very informative one, Affiliate marketing with no doubt is taking over the online marketing and online business world with its offers and opportunities. AWIN I a good and profitable company, i like that and the fact that it has grown into a big investment makes it a good option. Please is AWIN available all around the globe? I mean, there are some companies still restricted to a particular part of the world, is AWIN like this?

    • They operate in over 100 countries…..

      not sure which country you need to know….they list what countries they are in.


  9. Thank you so much for sharing here. It is a matter of fact that AWIN is really doing it the right way and that would make everything else worthy. I like that they offer affiliate program here and truly worthy. I would like to invest into this since they offer products in my niche. Well worthy. Thank you for sharing here

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