Apple iTunes Affiliate-Review

This article will cover Apple iTunes Affiliate-Review. Covering some history of Apple. Sign up information. Features. Good and the bad, and recommendations.

Apple Information

Company Name: AppleInc.

Formally: Apple Computer Company 76-77 … Apple Computer Company Inc. 1977-2007

Company Type: Public

Headquarters: Cupertino, California USA

Traded: NASDAQ

Founded: 1976

Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Worniak, Ronald Wayne

Key People: Chairman… Arthur D. Levinson …CEO… Tim Cook…COO… Jeff Williams

Website: www.apple.com

iTunes is a software based digital on-line digital media store operated by Apple Inc.that opened in 2003 pushed by Steve Jobs to open a digital marketplace for music.

ITunes Affiliate Sign Up

Go to iTunes affiliate program and sign up. Sign up is free Once you have applied it takes up to five business days to get approved. You must have a working website or blog link to get approved. Once approved you’ll receive an e-mail to log in and get started.

Program Features

1. Link to Apple Music

2. Link to iTunes content

3. Enhance Website

4. Tools

5. Earn Money

Affiliates are now known as Apple Services Performance Partners.

Feature Details

*1.Apple Music is currently available in 113 countries. If a user is not a member of Apple Music as a Performance Partner you can earn a one-time commission when the referral converts from a members trial period to first paid month of Apple Music.

*2. As a Performance partner you can create links to any item found in the iTunes store, Music, movies,books and more…

*3. Enhance your website with banners and badges…..icons and direct links.

*4. Tools include Apple Music Toolbox which allows you to create links to Apple Music. Able to create widgets, badges,icons,and direct links for everything in Apple Music. Performance partners also have access to general tools which includes:Link Maker which allows you to create links and badge art for anything in our stores, Auto link maker automatically converts all iTunes links on your website to affiliate links with one snippet of JavaScript.

Banner Builder gets banners in multiple sizes for everything in our stores. ITunes Widget Builder allows you to integrate an interactive experience on your websites and blogs.

Also are Advanced tools which include Search API that programmatically browse and look up metadata for anything on iTunes, App Store and iBooks. RSS Feeds for top selling content. Enterprise Partner Feed gets a complete set of metadata from the iTunes Store and App Store. Within the advanced tools there is also available a Collection builder allowing you to create custom collections using any combination of iTunes Store content.

*5. Earn money. Commissions are paid to you as a partner on revenue generated by encoded links. Commissions are eligible up to twenty-four hours after a user clicks on your iTunes link.

Movies, TV, and Books earn a 7% commission rate while i Tunes Music you earn a 2.5% commission rate. Apple Music you earn a one-time 100% commission on the first month of a user’s subscription to Apple Music. Commission on Apple Music subscription are available for up to 30 days after a user clicks on your Apple Music link.

Training Available

The Performance Partner Program has written tutorials on a number of areas within the program.

1. Apple Music Toolbox.

2. Link Maker

3. Banner Builder

4.and more…….

Good and Bad

The Good

A. Working with Apple Inc.

B. Access to All in iTunes Store

C. Apple Music

The Bad

A. 24 hour cookie

B. 2.5 % commission on iTunes Music

What is Performance Partners Program

This is the new term being used to identify the iTunes Affiliate Program.

Advertisers are looking for ways to market their products. Publishers are becoming more and a more great way for Companies to promote without spending huge amounts of money. Read Future of A affiliate Marketing-2020 brings great opportunity.


As an affiliate marketer the iTunes affiliate program offers a lot to an experienced marketer. Because of the complexity of their link, banner making being much harder than most companies to create. I would for two reasons not give this a high rating. One the commission rates are extremely low for the Music with only 2.5% and two the difficulty of link creation. My rating in a 1 to 5 rating give iTunes affiliate program a 4.1.

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Timothy Hibner

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