Amazon Affiliate Program Review Another Opportunity

Amazon Affiliate Program Review Another Opportunity to get involved in the world of affiliate marketing on-line. Let us look into this opportunity to research how this program works. How this program pays. And more in depth look.

What is Amazon?amazon-banner

Amazon.com is the largest on-line retailer in the world. A fortune 500 E.commerce Business in Seattle Washington. That alone is a good reason to consider their affiliate program. It was founded in 1994 and launched in 1995. It originally sold books. Amazon.com the distinction of being the first large corporation to sell goods over the Internet.

They posted net sales in 2018 of $232.9 billion an increase of 31 percent over the net sales of $177.9 billion reported during 2017. Again another good and valid reason to want to become an affiliate partner with Amazon.

Their program calls their affiliate partners Amazon Associates so I will also refer to them as Amazon Associates for the rest of our research.

Who is Jeff Bezos the Founder of Amazon.com?

Jeff Besoz is the founder of Amazon.com. He is a graduate of Princeton University. With a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

It is said that Jeff Besoz described the culture at Amazon.com as follows. “Amazon shows growth = lower costs= better selection= all will produce a better customer experience. By the way he drew that out on a napkin.

It is estimated based on net sales from 2017 and net sales 2018 that Jeff Besoz makes $149,353 a minute. That is an unbelievable number. Wow!

Requirements to Join

In order to become an Amazon Associate you must first have a website or blogger in order to join. You can access the program information at Amazon Associates or you can scroll to the bottom of Amazon.co home page and under the column make money with us is an affiliate program click that and it will take you to their information page and sign up page.

If you have your website or blog page you can fill out profile page and become an Amazon Associate. Follow the instructions to filling out the necessary information and you’ll be assigned a link that is unique to you.

How do you make money with Amazon Associate?

You’ll be assigned a unique link that when you choose an item to promote on your website or blog page as a customer clicks on your link they will be directed to that product you link or page, If that customer purchases that item or within twenty-four hours purchases any items that are qualified you receive a % of that sale. Time period for that purchase is called a cookie and Amazon cookies your link to that customer for 24 Hours

There you a lot of confusion in the industry about the length of time. Some tutorials say 30 days, some say fifteen days, I even read someone said six days.

Amazon Associates official cookie period is at this writing 24 hours after customer clicks your link to make a purchase.

What does qualified purchase mean? Just that. Certain categories and services are exempt from the Amazon Associates pay program. One such category is Kindle Books if a customer purchases a Kindle book even if they click on an eligible item the Amazon Associate does not get paid.

Each category of merchandise is assigned a different % some up to 6%, Others 1%. If you become an Amazon Associate you have 180 days to sell your first qualified sale. I f you do not sell in that time period you are removed from the program. You can re-apply but you must show improvements in your website or blog page,

Is There Training as an Amazon Associate?apps-banner

The answer is yes. Amazon Associates have on their home page access to tools. They also receive e-mails with information on a number of topics,

Their home page also gives them access to product promotion links, bounty program links, etc….

Amazon Associates have access to banners and advertising links as well as bounty links to promote Amazon services such as Amazon Prime, Music, or Prime Video…..


I believe this to be a great way if your going to be an affiliate marketer to getting started and make substantial money if promoted properly and consistently.

I invite you to ask questions or leave comments… as I do other reviews of Affiliate Marketing programs what other topics or information would you like answered?

Appreciate it ENJOY


Timothy Hibner


  1. Hi Tim. Thank you so much for sharing this Amazon Affiliate Program Review. I know about this program for a very long time now but I did not have a full knowledge of the program, terms and conditions and how it works too. This post has helped me to get every information I need about the program. Thanks

  2. Hello Tim, there is really good information here on what the Amazon affiliate programme is all about and I feel like I would give it a try. I didn’t know that they would give a unique link to aid the ease of sales. That’s very nice. I also shop on Amazon to buy some stuff that I need. I will try the affiliate programme out. Thanks!

  3. Amazon is a great company. Before that, I just thought that I could only make money by opening an online store on Amazon, but through your introduction, I realized that I could build a website and then apply for Amazon Associate to make money online, so I am planning to start the action next weekend, thank you very much.

  4. Thanks for this post about amazon affiliate  marketing  I have always wanted to be on the site most times but i font know what it really entails,is it really necessary  for someone to have a website before you can earn or the site is not??please I rel need a quick reply on this post thanks ones again for letting us know more about it and how it works

    • Rose it is best to have a website. This gives Amazon a way to check to see that you are able to promote their products .. makes getting approved easier. Good luck.  Affiliate marketing offers many opportunities .


  5. Being an Amazon Associate has provided me with a great sales opportunity.  I think that this post does a good job of outlining the benefits of being associated with Amazon.  I not only benefit from sales generated through blog posts, but also find that I can sell to my face-to-face clients as well.  The broad scope of what the Amazon storefront offers gives me many opportunities to leverage my relationships with existing clients.

  6. Hi, i would like to thank you first for your article, i recently knew about this programme but i didn’t know that there is such details, to really run well your partnership with amazon affiliate. Just the fact that you have 180 day to make your first sell to stay a member other way you will be deleted from the program. I will keep this content as favors just to make sure i’m on the right way.

  7. Amazon is a very large market in its own would foster the thought in the heart of anyone who is into business to want to go into being an associate with them and by percentage given by sales, affiliates are bound to make some really cool cash to help them do some things. Affiliate marketing is a nice business when you are an associate of the right business of you have the right niche.

  8. I see how big an online market Amazon is and how much people shop form them and often wonder how easy it will be for those who are affiliates or associate of Amazon to make money from sharing links on their sites which can be used to buy stuffs from them. With regards percentage, how many percentage does Amazon give you it’s affiliate?

    • The % vary by category … when you become an affiliate you get a breakdown … the beauty is you can be promoting a link from one particular item and if that customer who click on your link buys anything from any department that is included in the affiliate program within the next 24 hours you get the % of that category what they bought. I.e. … they buy toilet paper or crayons and your link was a hat you still get paid … good luck on your journey in affiliate marketing . 

  9. I agree with you completely on this Tim. People often underestimate the potential of being an amazon affiliate due to the low commissions they offer per product and due to their short cookie period but unlike any other affiliate program which focuses on specific kind of products, Amazon is the most trusted online store in the world so people click your affiliate link to check out some product and end up buying something else as Amazon is used by people on day to day basis. Excellent post, even I often encourage people to be an Amazon affiliate. Btw do you use any Amazon link localizer or do you think one should use such plugins? I would love to hear your opinion on this.

    • At present I use various links and take at advantage of their promotional and bounty links … as I spend more time and research in this amazing industry I’m sure I’ll try more opportunities 

      Thanks for the inquiry 


  10. Just like you have said, Amazon is probably the biggest online shopping outlet and it is a really big one. For us affiliate marketers, getting to join a platform like this is great. The commission may seem not too much though but the wide variety of products available for promotion is literally massive. Thus, it becomes rather great to make use of Amazon and join the Amazon associate. Also, having a personal website would make it more easier to make use of this offer

  11. Hello! This is really a big one and I fancy it a lot. Amazon is a big platform for any affiliate marketer to get offer to becoming an associate with which will automatically open the doors for one to be able to share products and earn commissions on. Though it may appear simple to do, but then, it is not because it also requires the creation of a website and managing the website too. Thanks

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