On line marketing can take many paths to earn an income or start a business on-line. Affiliate marketing is an opportunity. Like any other success it takes more than just the opportunity. You have to make choices and they are many. Today we can see a great deal of that available, let us take a look at some Affiliate marketing opportunities out there.sunset


This seems to be an awful hard question to find an answer to. I believe the reason is that there are so many. There are numerous affiliate programs numerous companies that they have on board which allows myriad affiliates to market myriad products.

The myriad of available options is absolutely mind boggling.

You can’t’t even Google it to get the answer I did a lot of research and even tried that. I hope you don’t mind my sense of humor.


I found three different avenues and I may be just scratching the tip of them.. With more research I may find other means.files

One way is with locating affiliate directory. One directory I located during my research was., Affiliate directory associates programs.com located at www.associateprograms.com/directory. Upon opened the site they had listed 30 per page with 475 pages available to view. That equals 14,250 available just with this directory. Here was the fun part. You were invited to add your company to the directory.

There are also companies such as CLICKBANK.com. That offer one platform to access multiple companies to market.CLICKBANK offers over 20 different categories with multiple companies in each category. Another two tier platform is ShareASale.com, they also have many categories with different companies within each category….. there are a lot of two-tier affiliate programs available.

You can also find affiliate markets that are available on the website of that company. You go to Target, as an example. Go to the very bottom of the website page and various such as Help v Stores v Apps v Social v More v if you click on more a roll a dex will come up and you’ll find a heading Affiliates click that on and it takes you to myriad application to become an affiliate.


Yes, you can even pick the field you want to be an affiliate in. Again, like the affiliate business itself the number of affiliate programs is mind boggling. That is why I love affiliate marketing.

You can go into Travel, credit cards, and a thousand of merchandise items…. You just need to decide the path you want to take.

HOW DO WE GET PAIDmoney-folded

It too is a daunting question. There are so many pay programs . I believe I could write for a month and not get to all the different ways .

Let;s do a sampling:

  • wayupgifts.com affiliates earn 15% for each conversion directly to myriad PayPal account
  • outgrow.com affiliates earn 20% upfront and 20% on recurring payments
  • Hotels.com affiliates earn commissions of 5-6% per booking ….paid monthly
  • Juice Beauty affiliates earn 6% commissions have a 30-day cookie
  • iTunes affiliates earn 2.5% commission with a 24 hour cookie[but huge library..huge]
  • BetOnLine affiliates earn 10%-35% + Rev-Share and CPA
  • SoccerLoco affiliates earn 8-10% commissions with a 30-day window [$120 average order]
  • Domain.com affiliates base commission 30%[domains], up to $100 [hosting] monthly PayPal,check.wireClickbank
  • CLICKBANK.com affiliates earn up to 75% weekly. Personalized… direct deposit, wire transfer, check

This is a small sampling but tried to show from different categories of marketing.clickbank-ad


You want the truth right? It can be from $0 to Infinity….. why do I say that. Like every other industry there are some people who make minimum wage all the way to Jeff Bezos who currently I believe is making an insane $230,000 a minute. Don’t quote me on that I read that somewhere and it blew my mind. Don’t forget we even have people who never work or even attempt to. All the great opportunities it always amazed me that this is a reality that there are those who choose not to.

The real truth though it is not limited. Like so many 9 to 5 jobs that all have a ceiling on what the job pays. Including the CEO’S. The jobs only pay what the position is worth to the owners or stock holders.

Really the great thing is that you can decide… how hard am I willing to work?….how dedicated am I to learn how to do this?….and how long am I willing to work it?

You see there are no magical tricks or make millions now….. yes myriad are cases and exceptions to everything. Some people have earned millions in what to the average person seems like overnight…. but the truth is that they were probably learning by failing until they got good at it …. we never see the failures ,,,, we see the OMG he made how much?



Of course it is. If it wasn’t, there would not be as many companies out their offering what they offer for affiliates to get myriad products and services to the people wanting to buy myriad products. At one time salesman went door to door. Neighbor to Neighbor, Then towns sprung up and people went to the market place and sold myriad goods… Soon radio emerged and companies and individuals sold myriad products over the radio. We had brick and mortar stores, Selling everything. Television came into existence and sold millions of products and services.

Today here we set. The new age… and affiliate marketing is another means, with today’s technology for us to sell products and services.

This affiliate marketing is an opportunity for anyone. You can be young,you can be old. You can start with money in the bank or you can start with no money in the bank. Yet your ROI can go through the roof. I am not a betting man but I would surely put odds on it, that you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t think this wasn’t an opportunity.

I wish you the best on Your Journey …


Timothy Hibner


  1. You just blew my mind on the sheer number of affiliate programs out there from that ONE list that you found!  This is definitely a booming industry that absolutely anybody can choose to tap.  As you say, the amount of money you earn is up to you.  Some people put in hours and hours per day on it and make tons of money.  Others put very little effort into it and are surprised when they make little to no money.  In this case, it is completely up to the individual as to what they make and that is what makes it so exciting!

  2. yeah affiliate  marketing has been a site that I can boldly bet on also be because ever since I have been on the site I have not recorded  any loss I make money every single day even If its not much you have to start it from somewhere,this affiliate  marketing  is really  a life  changer and has already changed some people’s  hopes thanks alot for this post and the recommendations 

  3. Doing online business is one great income and investment most people don’t really thing Is worth spending there money and time on, the only thing I think should be of issue is the aspect of scam and this has been made so easy to findtune by making research and reading reviews to guide you through, so there are lots of Affiliate marketing opportunities out there some which you’ve mentioned here that are very lucrative. I’ll share this to some other platforms, thanks.

  4. One of the most profitable and most lucrative business anyone can do online is Affiliate marketing and it has grown from the grass to a very great height today because of its popularity. We have many affiliate marketing offers online that are not good and are liable to be scam, thank you for sharing these affiliate marketing opportunities in this article, they will serve as guide for those willing to learn and be part of the business.

  5. I’ve been scammed severally and I’ve really learned a lot of lesson from these incidents, I would just want you to emphasize that not all opportunities are credible, some are just out there in disguise to take your time and money. Affiliate marketing is a very nice business to do, but before you engage, make sure to be sure of the source and credibility stance. I’ll go over this again, it’ll be helpful.

    • Yes there are a lot that are not credible .. have to do your do diligence … research as much as you can 

      Thank you


  6. Yes, you re very right about your position here on affiliate marketing. It has been here for a while and people are seriously buying into it. It is a great way for one to make money online without the stress of looking around for customers. I also agree that the companies also gain from this by giving commissions so, at the end, it is all a win-win situation. Nice work

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