Affiliate Marketers Here’s A Couple of Black Friday Specials 2019

Every year there are opportunities for Affiliates to take advantage of Black Friday Events made available for them to take advantage of. Today we will feature for your information a couple already being promoted. Affiliate Marketers here’s a couple of Black Friday Specials 2019 that will be readily available in the next few weeks, SO be sure to get ready to go!!!!!

First Affiliate Marketers Black Friday Specialraketun-banner





From Rakuten they are offering coupons for Black Friday in the excess of 700…..


They list for their affiliates 50 coupons offers…..over 700 products …..company-banner

They list their top store offers as Walmart up to 5.0% ………… Amazon …… up to 5.0% ….Ebay up to 2.0%…..Macy’s…….3.0% and Kohl’s up to 10.0%……layaway-banner

Lots of opportunity….

wow ! WOW! wow! WOW!


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

From Wealthy Affiliates a great Black Friday event to be available November 29th ….Dec 2nd.,2019….Exclusive offer $289.00 savings of 49% off …..

Works out to $0.82 per day …..

This event is in addition to the many other offers within the Wealthy Affiliate Premium program .

Additional Products available at Wealthy Affiliate

They offer specials for their Wealthy Affiliate ……………..Training……..Jaaxy………SiteRubix




There will be many other opportunities for Affiliate Marketers

So whatever you do as an Afilliate Marketer is go go go go go ….



Timothy Hibner


  1. The available Black Friday deals are some of the nicest things I am experiencing this month in line of business and I have been very much ready to make use of almost every offer I can so far I am in need of it. Wealthy affiliate black Friday occurs to he the one I am really grateful about. Being a member of WA and keeping up with a monthly subscription isn’t easy and since there is a huge discount offer on yearly, its has made most people take on the yearly plan 

  2. Black Friday always come with great deals ever, along wealthy affiliate I always wait for the Nov-Dec offer, thats the moment I carry out my subscriptions, enjoying the accumulated deals like the jaaxy keyword world search, having gone through your article I just learnt about Rakuten deals, personally I am not a member but I think it worth a trial, it got awesome deal, I will be looking forward to see it work, thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey, thanks for this article! It’s always great to be on the hunt for Black Friday deals because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to save money?! You have listed what seem to be some great deals relative to affiliate marketing, and I thank you for that! Keep producing quality content!

  4. hey there, thanks for sharing! I think this was a great review of affiliate marketing, very honest and informative. since i am learning the ropes myself with affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate is my first time trying it i like to see some different sites with information on them such as this. i feel good about the direction i am heading and your website just confirmed i am on the right path to success. thank you!!!

  5. Wow these black friday specials are really cool. I had no idea about these offer so thanks very much. However  I do know about the Wealthy affiliate offer as I became a member some years ago, and at$0.82 cents a day thats just pure value  for the becoming a member of the best platform on internet. Jaxxy is a great tool as well. Christmas has come early. Thanks for sharing

  6. Black Friday is one period most people anticipate every year because they get to have some things they want at a very cheap and easy price. I love the once you have here, rakuten and so on, they are nice. The most enticing enticing part of the black Friday is that of Wealthy Affiliate that’s going to see a great reduction in offers, it’ll be so great and I’ll make sure to take good use of the season. Thanks

  7. Hello Timothy, thank you for sharing these Black Friday Specials 2019.

    In these special season of lots of discounts, I am very excited. Although I have not started my website yet, I will definitely promote these by next year because I will soon set up my website. I love these deals especially Wealthy Affiliate. 49% off is no joke!

  8. Hello Tim, I have great interest in going into an online business but first going for the right training to groom me for what i will see on the long run and wealthy affiliate have been a name that keeps coming to play here. I am really impressed when i heard there is a discount on migrating to premium membership and now a discount in the various subscription plans for the platform. Cheers.

  9. The chance to be able be to get valuable things at a prices that are very low and affordable is something that comes only in a bit and goes and that black Friday. I’ve seen many offers of black Friday and it’s always last mostly for a week. About Wealthy Affiliate’s black friday, it’s the best I’ve seen so far, 49% of from the yearly fee, that’s a huge discount. I’ll share this to some other people so they can know.

  10. I got in Wealthy Affiliate not very long ago and my experience has been wow! Paying the monthly fee of 49 USD isn’t an easy stuff on me so I am definitely going to grab this Black Friday deal to only pay $299 for one full year.

    About Rakuten. I thought Rakuten is the affiliate marketing platform for Udemy. Is it?

    • Rakuten is an affiliate marketing company that bought what used to be LinkedIn .. part of their Black Friday is a5 % on Amazon .. so if some one joins they attach that link and get an additional discount off Amazon orders.. Hope that helps .. Just updated with A Tai Lopez offer too ..

      He’s gone over the top … he’s offering over $11,000 on his special .. Love AFfiliate marketing 


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