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The starter membership is free compared with the premium membership which cost $49 a month or $359 for annual membership. Very reasonable for someone wants to get started in an affiliate program. I would rate this a four out of five rating.wa-premium-options


Interactive Live Class training is available. It is from Industry experts. Jay one of the Wealthy Affiliate founders is the lead trainer.

Ability to plug int over 300 hours of Expert Education. The Live Classes are published as a replay so can be accessed to review as wanted or needed.

There is on line certification given at the end of the 50 lessons training course has been completed.

There is an affiliate boot camp that members can attend that offers over 70 classes. There is also available to those taught in the affiliate boot camp an opportunity to earn an all expense trip, each year to Las Vegas.

There is an incredible catalog of Industry Training available. 1000’S of training modules are available that have been created by team members of the Wealthy Affiliate community which are written on a daily basis.

There are classrooms available every day that cover up yo 12 ways to build a business and monetize it on line. From e-commerce to drop shipping to local marketing to adsense,Facebbok ads,SEO, pay -per-click, e-mail marketing, lead generation…etc.

You can as premium member earn money by just giving back to the community. After three months you have the ability to create your own video training or tutorial training within the community. As well as courses. Payments are made ever month and is a good way to subsidize your own business.

Each premium member has his or her own Wealthy Affiliate Blog they can write. The blogs go out immediately and if someone joins because of the blog the individual gets credit for it and is paid.


Wealthy affiliates offers a website that can grow with you as you grow your business. You have the ability to run several multi million dollar websites off the same platform.

There are over 3000 designs available. The designs are “mobile” and you can find one to fit any niche.

There are available 51,973 website add-ons available. Everything from adding shopping carts, image/design plug-ins, font plug-ins, as well as plug ins to support your social media.

The platform offers the only World’d all Inclusive Domain service. Purchase domain here and it The domain has unlimited e-mail,next year guaranteed pricing, domain security, DNS monitoring and instant set,

Offers an Amplified site speed that that offers visitors fast access and Site Speed provides for faster website load times.

The website provides Site Health and site analysis. From publishing frequency to Google Rankings, to content quality and visitor engagement.

There are hours of training available to make a member an Expert with WordPress.

Site SSL is free and generally cost upwards of 50 dollars elsewhere.


Hosting website with Word-press makes it very secure.

There is 24/7 managed monitoring with Word-press. 24/7 automated monitor system. There is 24/7 support average wait time is less than 5 minutes. Offer live support.

The security has Malware protection and Virus protection built in.

Word-press gives powerful service with powerful websites.


Offers an ultimate writing platform. Has quality content.

You have the ability to beautify your content with 1,000,000 beautiful graphics.

The site offers grammar, spelling perfection. Site Content finds 100’s of complex writing errors and grammar and spell checker to optimize the writings.

Plagiarism is checked against over 8 billion pages with its plagiarism checker.


The site offers Jaaxy keyword research, niche research and website research. The keywords offer opportunities that are unlimited for the user.

Jaaxy has site rankings, and tracking of your website rankings. Get 100 scans.

There is the ability to have new niche revelations with Jaaxy. 100,000 evergreen niches discovered. In a very few seconds.

Uncovering of incredibly valuable domains as you research content keywords.


24/7/365 Help is available. Ask and all members have availability to help answer questions which for someone just stating is priceless in my mind. While I was looking for the right affiliate program this community of fellow members is one of Wealthy Affiliates greatest assets.

The support you receive is live and is almost always instantly. If they don’t have the answer available immediately they are always able to direct to the right training module or training class that reviewed what they are trying to solve. Hosting support is five minutes or less.

As a new anew member the mentoring comes from the founders of the business. That is incredible. There e is available over 10,000 industry leaders available in the community. For Word press and website support.wa start-up-banner


I give a review of wealthy affiliates an over all rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5.0

I believe it is going to be tough to beat.


Anyone clicking sign up now to Free Starter Membership that sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium in the first seven days will receive a 49% discount off regular monthly cost and for first month will only cost $19.00.



Thanks for taking the time to read.


Timothy Hibner


  1. Hello Timothy!

    Another positive review of our Wealthy Affiliate platform. WA is a trustable program and here are lots of things to learn. The community is large and with many friendly people around!

    I did not know there was also a plagiarism checking system – and besides, it is a so strong one, being able to go through billions of pages for identifying fake materials! That’s very, very powerful and ensures content correctness. For me, there’s still a lot of stuff to discover!

    Thanks for your review! And have good luck with using WA and developing your business.

    Best regards, Peter

  2. Thanks a lot for this post on the wealthy affiliate website , I have been hearing about this platform for months now but I think its one of those scamming sites because I don’t know much about it, but this post has made me understand what I needed too, I wanna ask is it the moment you registered on the site you pay or you ‘ll receive some free training about how the website is been run first?

    • The starter program is free and offers some training and getting started…. I would recommend you try the free training… then if  by you like it sign up for the Premium membership … if you do in the first seven days your first months charge is only $19 then $49 each month after that.. 

      hope this helps Tim

  3. To say wealthy affiliate is a blessing would only be an understatement and for real, this is really awesome to see. Any body that is willing to get started with making money online should embrace wealthy affiliate as they offer one of the best offers I know of. From the free membership to the access to various tools and also websites building and a supportive community. Just the perfect place to be on.

  4. A very well detailed review you have here about wealthy affiliate. I must say that wealthy affiliate is the best platform I have ever been when it comes to affiliate marketing. I started out as a free member but then, seeing the potentials in this platform, I decided to go for the premium at 19$. It has been the best decision for me so far.
    The tools are immense and also, the support is really great. Thanks

  5. Hello Timothy,

    Searching the internet I found your site with an excellent review of wealthy affiliate. 

    I am really looking for a company that has a good training and above all a good support.

    Especially interested in affiliate marketing and I think it is a reliable company. 

    I will visit your site with more time to know a little more all the features that you will indicate. 

    Surely contact you to clarify concerns. 

    I wish you have a happy Sunday. 

    Thank you very much!

  6. You website on affiliate marketing as related to Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding.  I participate in the Wealthy Affiliate program so I appreciate the detailed explanation of all the benefits explained here.  I only wish I had the benefit of your website when I was thinking about participating.  I did not have any place where I could go to see all the benefits of this program laid out.  I think your bonus offer is outstanding.  Your article is organized, easily understood and complete.

  7. Great information and a great review Tim!
    Thanks for sharing this information and I wish you the best as you continue to build your own affiliate marketing business. As I do the same I will be watching you for all that I can learn from you too!
    Best regards,
    L.D. Sewell

  8. Thank you for this review. Wealthy Affiliate has a reputation that is unsurpassed in the industry. The training, resources, and support are really unparalleled. Anyone who is looking to make money online should really consider learning more with a free starter membership. Thank you for laying out all the benefits here. This is great info! 

    • Katie appreciate your comments. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform for anyone . New to e-commerce or experienced.



  9. Hello there….I must say that wealthy affiliate has been of help to me in various ways…not until a month I never knew I would be able to make success with affiliate marketing but wealthy affiliate made it possible…..I would advise everyone to try it out.thanks for this unbiased review on wealthy affiliate

  10. After reading through the many features and benefits that you get as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I have to say that you have convinced me that this is the premier place to be when it comes to learning how to put together an affiliate marketing business. 

    The price is also not so expensive for all the features that you get access to. I have compared this with other programs that claim to offer as much, but upon researching them, they either are much more expensive (and still do not have as many tools and features) or they are scams.

    How long does it take to start making money once you go through the training? I do have some patience, but also have to show some earnings, or my better half (wife) will likely raise a fuss. I can put in about 30 hours a week, is that enough to make a go of the business model? Thanks for any guidance you can pass on!

    • Dave, earning money can depend on a lot of variables. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliates is the wealth of knowledge that exists within the community. The founders Kyle and Carson have been doing this for many years and are still active within the community. I’ve personally been with Wealthy Affiliates for approximately and have earned income. The program is designed to create authority within the niche your website is involved in. Depending on the niche it can occur within three to six months following the training or up to a year. People within Wealthy Affiliate are making income so in time so can you. The training is results oriented not theory.You commit thirty hours a week I know you will be successful. 

      Thanks for your interest and comments

      wishing you the best



  11. Hello Timothy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago and I really feel blessed because I discovered it. It completely changed my life when it comes to finances. I am glad you explained everything in detail when it comes to this community because I am sure it will help many people to bring right decision and join this wonderful platform which is, most important, legit and trustworthy.

  12. Wealthy Affiliate review, my final opinion they’ve trained millions of students since 2002,and have many success stories. It’s a very exciting time to become a member of wealthy affiliate because they are continually upgrading the platform to make it better. I am very interesting to know, how much does it cost to join wealthy affiliate?thanks 

  13. Wow, each week I see more and more people online raving about Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I thought it was just people trying to sell me something, but once I actually tried this platform I was blown away. This is one membership that I will keep for life.

    Your review explains the Wealthy Affiliate platform really well and even though people can see how much is offered, they will never truly feel it until they try it for themselves. Luckily it is free to join and anyone can see for themselves what Wealthy Affiliate could do to change their lives around.

  14. Hi! I’m impressed with all the tools and resources inside this platform.i also like that we can join free and that once we decide to go for the premium version, there are no updates.

    Learning about affiliate marketing is essential if we want to quickly move pass the crowd of wannabe bloggers. I’ll start the free membership today.

    Do they also teach dropshipping in Wealthy Affiliate?

  15. Hi Timothy,

    I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate! Although I just started recently, I can see the growth that my website has already made, in a few short months I have already started to see multiple posts of mine start to rank on the first pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The training that you get with Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. I am still learning knew things that help make my website better. How long does it normally take to see sales start coming from those pages after they start being ranked high?  I look forward to continue to grow with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

  16. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us, and through your article, we have learned a lot more about Wealthy Affiliate because I myself have taken a membership from wealthy affiliate .When I was a member at Wealthy Affiliate, I watched a lot of tutorial videos from here, and I got a lot of tools from here that helped me a lot in affiliate marketing. Jaaxy Tools has helped me a lot, especially for keyword research and it is a very useful tool .And I hope that after reading your article, many will benefit and affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate.

  17. Hello! I’ve been a member of WA close to 4 months now. I can personally attest that the community within WA is unique.  Most members are genuinely helpful and professional. The training is easy to follow. My only regret is not joining sooner! It’s not a scam if anyone is wondering. 


    • Yes it is a very unique community. The training is the best I’ve found, Not a scam at all. Takes some time and effort but is really worth your time.


  18. Hi Tim! The article you have written has helped me understand everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It’s very nicely written and easy to understand. I didn’t realize all the benefits you get with Wealthy Affiliate. I guess it’s really nice when everything the program offers is written in a all in one place article. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

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